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College of Engineering and Computing

Computer Science and Engineering

Our People

The Computer Science and Engineering faculty and staff pride themselves on serving our students and their families both in and out of the classroom.



Jason D. Bakos, Professor

Professor Bakos's research interests involve computer architecture at the circuit level, micro-architectural level, and system level. This includes VLSI design, design automation, system-level interconnects, reconfigurable computing and high-performance computing.


Duncan Buell, Professor and NCR Chair

Professor Buell's recent work has been in electronic voting systems and in digital humanities. He has been part of a team that is auditing election data in South Carolina and discovering problems in the process that lead to uncounted votes and to the absence of data to support the vote totals certified by the state. In digital humanities, he is co-supervising work on Ward One App, a critical interactive for iPhone about “urban renewal” in Columbia SC and the University of South Carolina’s role in evicting residents of the Ward One neighborhood adjacent to the university, and is engaged in the analysis of First Year English essays for linguistic characteristics and improvement of writing pedagogy.

Casey Cole, Instructor

Casey Cole teaches various undergraduate courses.


Csilla Farkas, Professor and Associate Dean for Diversity, Engagement, and Inclusion

Professor Farkas’ research interests include information security, data inference problem, financial and legal analysis of cyber crime, and security and privacy on the Semantic Web.


Stephen A. Fenner, Professor

Professor Fenner's research interests are in the core theoretical foundations of computing, computability and computational complexity, especially quantum computing and information.

Kirk Fiedler

Kirk Fiedler, Associate Professor

Dr. Fiedler has a joint appointment in the Darla Moore School of Business and Computer Science and Engineering. Currently, his research interested include technology innovation, knowledge management, privacy, ethics and risk. 

William Hoskins, Instructor

William Hoskins teaches various undergraduate courses.


Jianjun Hu, Associate Professor and Graduate Recruiting Coordinator

Professor Hu's research interests are in the areas of machine learning, deep learning, data mining, big data, evolutionary computation and their applications in bioinformatics, material informatics, and health informatics. His research has been sponsored by NSF, NIH, Nvidia, and the South Carolina Department of Transportation. Currently, his major research focus is developing deep learning algotrithms for solving challenging application problems.


Chin-Tser Huang, Professor

Professor Huang's research interests include network security, network protocol design and verification, and distributed systems. His current research focuses on intrusion detection and wireless network security.

Pooyan Jamshidi

Pooyan Jamshidi, Assistant Professor

Professor Jamshidi's research interests focus on understanding performance behavior of highly-configurable systems (including deep neural networks, big data analytics, robotics systems) as well as solving computer system challenges (e.g., performance regressions, memory leak, energy consumption, parallelization) for distributed machine learning systems. Pooyan spent 7 years in the software industry before receiving his Ph.D.

Neema Kanapala, Instructor

Neema Kanapala teaches various undergraduate courses.

Jeremy Lewis, Instructor

Jeremy Lewis teaches various undergraduate courses.

Lannan Luo

Lannan Luo, Assistant Professor

Professor Luo's research mainly focuses on software and systems security, including mobile security, IoT security, malware analysis, vulnerability analysis, programming languages, software engineering, and deep learning.


Catherine Matthews, Instructor

Catherine Matthews is in charge of our CSCE 101 and CSCE 102 classes.


Srihari Nelakuditi, Professor

Professor Nelakuditi's research interests are in the areas of mobile computing, wireless networking, and Internet routing.


Jason O'Kane, Professor and Associate Chair of Academics

Professor O'Kane's research is in planning algorithms for robotics and autonomous systems.

James O'Reilly, Instructor

James O'Reilly teaches various undergraduate courses.

Portia Plante, Instructor

Portia Plante teaches various undergraduate courses.


Ioannis Rekleitis, Assistant Professor

Professor Rekleitis's research interests are mobile robotics, space robotics, multi-robot systems, sensor networks, artificial intelligence, computer vision and image processing, computational geometry, and computer graphics.


John R. Rose, Professor

Professor Rose's research interests are in the areas of bioinformatics, normative reasoning and planning, DAI and multiagent systems, and computational chemistry.


Jeremiah Shepherd, Instructor

Dr. Jeremiah Shepherd is the instructor in charge of our CSCE 145 and 146 classes.

amit sheth

Amit Sheth, Professor and Founding Director, Artificial Intelligence Institute

Professor Sheth's current interests include Artificial Intelligence (esp. knowledge graphs, NLP, deep learning, knowledge-enhanced learning, conversational AI- esp chatbots for health and education), Semantic Web, Physical/IoT-Cyber-Social-Clinical Big Data, Augmented Personalized Health, AI and Big Data applications (in health and life sciences, social good, disaster management, etc.).

Sanjib Sur

Sanjib Sur, Assistant Professor

Professor Sur's research interests are in the areas of Wireless Systems and Architectures, Millimeter-Wave Communications and Networks, Internet of Things Connectivity and Sensing Systems.  

jijun tang

Jijun Tang, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Professor Tang's research interests include computational biology and bioinformatics, machine learning and big data analysis, algorithm development and high performance computing, as well as computer gaming and scientific simulation.


Matt E. Thatcher, Professor and Department Chair

Professor Thatcher's research examines the strategic and economic impacts of information technology (IT) with a focus on four themes: IT value, software patent policy design, IT offshoring, and the social costs of information privacy.


Yan Tong, Associate Professor

Professor Tong's research interests focus on computer vision and pattern recognition especially on human computer interaction including but not limited to affective computing (facial activity analysis and eye gaze tracking).


Homayoun Valafar, Professor and Associate Chair of Research

Professor Valafar's research activities fall into two broad categories of research: Computational Medicine and Computational Biology.

marco valtorta

Marco Valtorta, Professor

Professor Valtorta's research interests are in the areas of normative reasoning under uncertainty (especially Bayesian networks, influence diagrams, and their use in multiagent systems), heuristics for problem solving, and computational complexity in artificial intelligence.


Jose M. Vidal, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Vidal's research interests are in the area of multiagent systems. On the theoretical side he is interested in developing systems that coordinate and aggregate the actions of large number of autonomous agents.


Song Wang, Professor and Chair of the T&P Committee

Professor Wang's research interests include computer vision, medical imaging, and machine learning.


Ramtin Zand, Assistant Professor

Professor Zand's research interests involve Hardware Design for Machine Learning Systems, Neuromorphic Computing, Emerging Nanoscale Electronics including spintronic devices, Reconfigurable and Adaptive Computer Architectures, and Low-Power and Reliability-Aware VLSI Circuits.


Qiang Zeng, Assistant Professor

Professor Zeng’s main research interest is Software and Systems Security. He works on a variety of topics, such as Vulnerability Discovery, PoC Exploit Generation, Runtime Defense Generation, Automatic Patch Generation.







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