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In-vitro and In-vivo medical feasibility tests of biocompatible polymer coated Mg doped r-Fe2O3 nanofluids for preclinical and clinical hyperthermia applications

The most crucial factor to pre-clinically or clinically apply magnetic nanoparticles and their nanofluids for magnetic nanofluid hyperthermia (MNH) or other in-vivo diagnosis/treatment agents is to verify their biocompatibility in a cellular level (in-vitro) and in an in-vivo environment. Therefore, studies of in-vivo & in-vitro cytotoxicity, bio-distribution (or bio-clearance) after IV (IntraVenous) Injection (infusion) or IT (Intra-Tumoral) Injection along with real time MRI monitoring, chemical suspension stability in physiologically harsh environment (long term endurance in osmotic pressure environment or under high concentration of NaCl solution), and biochemical safeties in blood etc. must be essentially required to evaluate their bio-feasibility and bioavailability prior to pre-clinical and clinical applications. We will make a research collaboration project with Augusta university Hospital as well as Georgia Cancer Research Center to test the in-vivo and in-vitro biocompatibility of their own optimized bio-polymer coated nanofluids.

The main goal of this research proposal is to test the biotechnical and physiological properties of Mg shallow doped r-Fe2O3 nanoparticles and their nanofluids as a future hyperthermia and “nanotheragnosis” agent, in both in-vitro and in-vivo environment and subsequently evaluate the bio-feasibility and bio-availability for preclinical (animal pilot studies) hyperthermia studies and extend to human clinical hyperthermia studies.

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