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College of Engineering and Computing

Publications, Awards and Patents

Selected Publications

  • Hans-Conrad zur Loye, Theodore Besmann, Jake Amoroso, Kyle Brinkman, Agnès Grandjean, Charles H. Henager, Shenyang Hu, Scott T. Misture, Simon R. Phillpot, Natalia B. Shustova, Hui Wang, Robert J. Koch, Gregory Morrison, and Ekaterina Dolgopolova, Hierarchical Materials as Tailored Nuclear Waste Forms: A Perspective Chem. Mater. 2018, 30, 4475−4488
  • Stephen A Utlak, Theodore M. Besmann, “Thermodynamic assessment of the pseudoternary Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2 system,” Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Volume: 101   Issue: 2   Pages: 928-948  (2018).
  • T. M. Besmann, Y. Yamamoto, K. A. Unocic, “Thermochemical Compatibility and Oxidation Resistance of Advanced LWR Fuel Cladding” Nuclear Technology, 195 (2) (2016) 181-191.
  • M. J. Noordhoek, T.M. Besmann, D. Andersson, S.C. Middleburgh, A. Chernatynskiy, “Phase Equilibria in the U-Si System from First-Principles Calculations,’ J. Nucl. Mater., 479, (2016) 216–223.
  • T. M. Besmann, J. W. McMurray, S. Simunovic, “Application of Thermochemical Modeling to Assessment/Evaluation of Nuclear Fuel Behavior,” CALPHAD 55  (2016) 47-51.
  • State-of-the-Art Report on Multi-Scale Modelling of Nuclear Fuels, Nuclear Energy Agency Working Group on Multi-Scale Modelling of Nuclear Fuel and Structural Materials, NEA/NSC/R/(2015)5.  T. M. Besmann, ed., 380 pages, 2015.
  • T. M. Besmann, “Computational Thermodynamics” In: Konings R.J.M., (ed.) Comprehensive Nuclear Materials, volume 1, pp. 455-470 Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2012.


  • Co-Director, DOE Office of Science Center for Hierarchical Waste Form Materials (2016-present)
  • Member of the Science Council for the DOE Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL) (2016-present)
  • Contributor to Technology and Applied R&D Needs for Molten Salt Chemistry: Inovative Approaches to Accelerate Molten Salt Reactor Development and Deployment, Report for the US Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy Molten Salt Chemistry Workshop, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2017)
  • D.T. Rankin Award 2016 for exemplary service to the Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division of The American Ceramic Society
  • Contributor to Basic Research Needs for Environmental Management: Report of the Office of Science Workshop on Environmental Management, Office of Science, Department of Energy, Washington, DC (2016)
  • Visiting Faculty, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Imperial College, London, UK (May-June 2016)
  • Visiting Scientist, Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission) or CEA, Cadarache, France, April-June 2014
  • Chair of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Expert Group on Multi-scale Modelling of Fuels and Structural Materials (2014-present)
  • Vice-chair and U.S. representative to the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency program on Thermodynamics of Advanced Fuels-International Database (2012-present)
  • Joint Appointment at rank of full professor, University of Tennessee-ORNL Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education (CIRE), 2011-2014
  • ORNL/UT-Battelle Distinguished Engineer Award, 2010
  • Fellow of the American Nuclear Society, 2010
  • Mishima Award 2010 of the American Nuclear Society for Research in Nuclear Fuels and Materials
  • Past Member of the International Commission on Glass Technical Committee on Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Vitrification
  • Contributor to DOE Basic Energy Sciences Report Basic Research Needs for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems, 2006
  • Science Advisor, US-Israel Binational Science Foundation, 2006-2010
  • Member of the Technical Committee on Nuclear Waste Immobilization, Intl. Comm. On Glass
  • Spriggs Phase Equilibria Award, American Ceramic Society 2004
  • Federal Laboratory Consortium 2002 Excellence in Technology Transfer Award
  • 2002 U. S. Dept. of Energy National Laboratory Fuel Cell R&D Award
  • Martin Marietta Energy Systems Technical Achievement Award, 1993
  • Fellow of the American Ceramic Society, 1990
  • R&D-100 Award for "Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic Composite Fabrication," 1987
  • Significant Accomplishment Award, Materials Science and Technology Division, American Nuclear Society, 1985
  • American Nuclear Society Young Member Engineering Achievement Award, 1985
  • U.S. Department of Energy Award for Research in Materials Chemistry of Significant Implication for Energy Technology, 1983
  • Best Paper Award, Nuclear Division, American Ceramic Society, 1983
  • U.S. Participant for United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency 1979 Conference on the Thermodynamics of Nuclear Materials.
  • Recipient of U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Traineeship, 1970


  • 6,809,304 High efficiency, oxidation resistant radio frequency susceptor
  • 6,171,720 Bipolar plate/diffuser for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell I
  • 6,037,073 Bipolar plate/diffuser for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell II
  • 5,843,533 CVD method of forming self-lubricating composites
  • 5,709,936 Composite coating for low friction and wear applications and method thereof
  • 4,929,328 Titanium diboride ceramic fiber composites for Hall-Heroult cells 

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