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College of Engineering and Computing

Integrated Information Technology

There is no list of approved positions or a directory of employers to call for internship placements, so in other words, your options are limitless! However, the IIT Internship Director can help you along the way their one and only job is to support you through this process. In addition, the ITEC 301 Pre-Internship class provides guidance and opportunities to network with potential industry internship sponsors.


Welcome! You are in for an exciting time as you pursue a degree in a program that will offer you many opportunities. Our interns have spent past summers at Google, Norfolk Southern, IBM, Charlotte Bobcats, Boeing, Blue Cross Blue Shield, SCANA and more! We are always working to add new relationships, both in Columbia and elsewhere in the country. We continue to build relationships with domestic and international companies as we expand our program and seek opportunities that offer increasing career choices for our graduates.


One work experience is required for undergraduate iIT majors: the Professional Internship Course. The type of internship experience is dependent upon the student's career goals. For example, students who are interested in network administration are encouraged to seek an internship in a networking position. Students who are interested in eventually becoming project managers may elect to complete an internship in an organization that can expose them to different projects. By completing an internship, the student is able to experience both the technical and professional aspects of a business.

  • All undergraduate students must complete at least one internship.
  • All internships are worth six credit hours, which must be paid for through your tuition.
  • Internships receive a letter grade (they are not pass/fail).
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid, depending on the employer.
  • Internships can be completed anywhere in the world, as long as there is access to the internet or a way to submit related coursework during the experience.

ITEC 495 Professional Internship (6 credits required for graduation)
Internships are required for our students and may be taken during the junior or senior year. The majority of students select internships within the United States. Students are also able to conduct internships in their home town or abroad. The internships are full-time, consisting of 400 hours throughout one semester (usually during the summer as you may complete only one additional course while being enrolled in the internship). Students complete course work and do projects with a professor as part of the internship experience. Most students participate in a paid internship. However, some of the internships are unpaid and are to be completed for credit only.

ITEC 301 is to be completed prior to the internship course. Students will be guided during the internship selection process, however, each student must secure their own internship.

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