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For Advisors

The keys to successful advising? Know your stuff and be helpful. Use the resources below to ensure your advisement appointments are smooth and headache-free.

Assisting Students

Your advisee list can be viewed in one or two ways.  The first way is:

  1. Login to Self Service Carolina
  2. Navigate to the “Faculty and Advisors” section
  3. Select “EAB Navigate
  4. Your assigned advisees appear on the “Staff Home” page.
  5. Note that since advisees are assigned by term, you may need to select the correct term from the dropdown near the top of the page.
  6. To message one or more students, select the checkbox next to the name, click “Actions” then “Send Message.”

The other way is:

  1. Login to Self Service Carolina
  2. Navigate to the “Faculty and Advisors” section
  3. Select “Advisee Information
  4. Select “Advisee Search”
  5. Select “View My Advisee Listing” (leave the form blank)
  6. For each advisee, select “View Profile.” Student email address and phone number is displayed near the top center of a student profile.

We recommend that you use EAB to schedule appointments, Degree Works to check your advisee’s progress, and a Major Map to help them plan their path to graduation.

Dear Advisees,

The faculty advising period for next semester is ____ to ____ (date to date). 

If you are not graduating this semester, please sign up for an advising appointment now. My availability has been posted to EAB Navigate.

To prepare for our advisement session:

  1. Review your DegreeWorks audit in Self Service Carolina.
  2. Make a copy of your Major Map (make sure you have the right catalog year, which is displayed in DegreeWorks).
  3. On the Major Map, cross off the requirements that DegreeWorks indicates you have met or will complete this semester.
  4. On the Major Map, circle the courses you (a) want to take next semester and/or (b) have any questions about.
  5. Fill out the CEC Advising Worksheet [pdf].
  6. If you have questions about co-op, internships, undergrad research, or other professional development opportunities, please make a note on the worksheet to discuss these.
  7. Bring the CEC Advising Worksheet and Major Map to our advisement session.

I will be advising primarily by phone this semester to maintain social distancing. Email your CEC Advising Worksheet to me at prior to our appointment. At your appointment time, call me at (xxx)-xxx-xxxx.  If you would prefer a face-to-face appointment or one through MS Teams, please let me know.

We all have our own advising styles. If you don’t know yours yet, we suggest:

  • Greet the student by name.
  • Ask the student how they are doing in the classes. If not so well, ask if they have talked to the professor about it. Make other recommendations and be encouraging. If they ask about things you don’t know, or about changing majors, refer them to CEC Student Services in Swearingen, or contact that office yourself. Demonstrate that you care and be patient. 
  • Help the student select the right classes for timely graduation using Degree Works and their Major Map. This is the number one priority for most.
  • If they are a senior, direct them to CEC Student Services in Swearingen for a “senior check.”
  • Ask about co-op, internship, undergrad research, or other experiential learning they have planned. If no plans, explain why experiential learning helps distinguish them from other students in the job search, and refer them to the Career Center, Office of Undergraduate Research, or other university office.
  • Ask “is there anything else you want to talk about?” Give them time to think and formulate their questions.
  • Ask if they have all the information they need to register and take other next steps.
  • Close by thanking them for making the appointment and telling them to contact you if they have any questions.

First, refer them to our Advising and Registration webpage. Second, refer them to CEC Student Services.

 CEC Student Services staff serves and/or signs forms as the “advisor” for:

  • Taking classes at another university (transient enrollment and study abroad)
  • Independent study contracts
  • Timeframe review and other financial aid/academic progress documents
  • Pretty much everything other than the class selection advisement form.

Check out the Advisor Toolbox, curated by the University Advising Center. 

Contact CEC Student Services at (803) 777-4177 or  for additional resources and support.


Contact CEC Student Services at if you need new access or have problems accessing:

  • Degree Works (student record and degree audit tool),
  • EAB Navigate (used to schedule advising appointment), and/or
  • Self Service Carolina (class and student information system).

There is online training in Blackboard that you need to complete to gain access. Once your access is approved, you will locate these tools on the “Faculty and Advisors” tab in Self Service Carolina.

  1. Login to Self Service Carolina
  2. Navigate to the “Faculty and Advisors” section
  3. Select either “EAB Navigate” or “DegreeWorks”

Setting your availability is an important first step that will allow your advisees to make appointments with you.

  1. Click My Availability” on the Staff Home screen.
  2. Click the Actions Menu, drop down to Add Time.
  3. Select the days and times when you are available to meet with students.
  4. Select Appointments (or drop-ins if you prefer) during that time.
  5. Select the Care Unit drop down option Academic Advising.
  6. Select the Location drop down option corresponding to your department’s name.
  7. Select which student services you can provide to students during this availability. You probably only have one option.
  8. Click the Save button. Repeat this process until all your availabilities have been defined. Note: You can have as much availability as needed.

There are two other options in the Actions drop down menu:

  • Copy Time - to copy a time, select the time you would like to copy and then click the Copy Time button. The availabilities will be copied and a dialog will open allowing you to make edits or to save your newly created availability.
  • Delete Time- to delete your time, simply select the time and click the Delete Time button.

Note: Inactive availabilities are highlighted in red in the Times Available grid.

When EAB is synced with your Outlook Calendar, student appointments appear on your calendar as they are made. You should only have to set up the sync once; it should occur after you complete the advising tool access training. However, if you have problems, contact CEC Student Services at, or the University’s Advising Process Steward.


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