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Bihter Padak

Title: Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering and Computing
Website: Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity
Phone: 803-777-7959
Fax: 803-777-8265

Horizon 1
Room 140
541 Main Street
Columbia, SC  29208

Professor Bihter Padak

CV of Dr. Padak


Ph.D. Stanford University, 2011

M.S. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2007

B.S. Istanbul Technical University, 2005


The Padak Lab's main research interests are in the field of combustion, reaction kinetics and emissions control technologies. As part of the South Carolina Center of Economic Excellence in Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity (SAGE), our group aims to reduce the environmental impacts of generating electricity from coal, with a focus on the emissions of carbon dioxide and trace metals i.e.; mercury, arsenic and selenium.

Our goal is to reduce the emissions of trace metals from coal-fired power plants by developing novel materials while trying to understand the combustion chemistry at a more fundamental level. Our lab is equipped with bench-scale experimental systems to elucidate the flame chemistry and combustion kinetics as well as the pollutant formation. One area of application is the oxy-combustion of coal, where it is burned in an oxygen-rich environment instead of air, which in the end produces a highly pure carbon dioxide exhaust that can be captured at relatively low-cost and subsequently compressed for transport and sequestration.

We also employ electronic structure calculations to develop kinetic models and investigate surface interactions. The molecular modeling predictions are validated employing spectroscopic techniques to understand the surface chemistry. The goal is to develop novel materials with a focus on both catalysts for oxidation and sorbents for the capture of trace metals from the flue gas.

Selected Publications

  • Niksa, S.; Padak, B.; Krishnakumar, B.; Naik, C. V. "Process Chemistry of Br Addition to Utility Flue Gas for Hg Emissions Control" Energy Fuels, 24( 2 ), 1020 - 1029, 2010.
  • Padak, B.; Wilcox, J. "Understanding Mercury Binding on Activated Carbon" Carbon, 47( 12 ), 2855 - 2864, 2009.
  • Padak, B.; Brunetti. M.; Lewis, A.; Wilcox, J. "Mercury Binding on Activated Carbon" Environmental Progress, 25( 4 ), 319 - 326, 2006.