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College of Engineering and Computing

Young Alumni Board

The CEC Young Alumni Board is made up of recent engineering and computing graduates whose mission is to increase young alumni investment through the development of initiatives that link students to alumni, foster a culture of giving and support the college’s strategic priorities.

2018-19 Board Members

Olga Agafonova

Olga Agafonova, Development/Corporate Relations Committee


Thomas Backman

Thomas Backman, Alumni Relations Committee


jamie barton

Jamie Barton, Chair

travis basnett

Travis Basnett, Professional Development Committee


blake clamp

Blake Clamp, Professional Development Committee


nick estes

Nick Estes, Professional Development Committee


justin fox

Justin Fox, Professional Development Co-Chair

aileen harlow

Aileen Harlow, Professional Development Co-Chair

ethan hart

Ethan Hart, Alumni Relations Committee


eric hatch

Eric Hatch, Development/Corporate Relations Chair


phonecia hughes

Phonecia Hughes, Alumni Relations Committee


jeff iaukea

Jeff Iaukea, Professional Development Committee



Robin Kirby, Professional Development Committee


victoria kmiec

Victoria Kmiec, Development/Corporate Relations Committee


alden livingston

Alden Livingston, Alumni Relations Committee


jonathan mayhak

Jonathan Mayhak, Development/Corporate Relations Committee


emrys mcmahon

Emrys McMahon, Alumni Relations Committee


jesse mefford

Jesse Mefford, Alumni Relations Committee



Scott Miller, Professional Development Committee



Sagar Mistry, Professional Development Committee



Whitney Moore, Professional Development Committee


michael myers

Michael Myers, Co-Chair



Dean Phillips, Alumni Relations Committee


ryan pubentz

Ryan Pubentz, Alumni Relations Co-Chair

embre scurry

Embre Scurry, Professional Development Committee


Devon Smith

Devon Smith, Alumni Relations Co-Chair

kevin uber

Kevin Uber, Development/Corporate Relations Committee