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College of Education

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Online Programs

Sometimes sitting in a classroom just does not work between juggling jobs, family and other life commitments; campus might be too far away, or scheduling might be an issue. Since you can't come to us, we're bringing our degree programs to you. With undergraduate and graduate online education degrees available, now is the perfect time to build towards the next step in your career or start a new path.

Do you want to advance your education, but feel constrained by your schedule? Maybe you only have a few hours a week after hours, or your schedule constantly shifts?

Relax, there is a way for you to advance your career with a graduate degree in Teaching, Educational Administration, Educational Technology, or Curriculum and Instruction (with a concentration in either Curriculum Studies or Educational Technology). Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Palmetto College, you can even earn your Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education.

Your course work

You won’t just sit in front of a screen. Our ongoing commitment to impact and collaboration extends to our online programs, so you can expect to have comprehensive on-site experiences, just like our conventional classroom programs. Your course work will involve active participation as well as self-study, and it will go across multiple platforms to make it more engaging and accessible.

Your career

Completing an online degree program enables you to advance your career, take on higher-level leadership roles, change jobs within, or (in the case of the B.A.) join the education field. The Curriculum and Instruction degree readies you for a variety of advanced education positions; Educational Administration is suited for anyone looking to take on a higher level of responsibility in the infrastructure of their school. Educational Technology is great for anyone seeking to enhance their practice, and the Master of Teaching can be a stepping stone to academia or a gateway to a greater specialization in your classroom practice.