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College of Education

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Higher Education Administration

As more and more people at all walks of life and socio-economic status are finding access to college-level education, the demand for highly-trained leaders with an understanding of the many types of people that they will serve -faculty, students and staff, to name three- can only increase.

How do you like the idea of being a leader at a college, or even organizations like government agencies that address higher education planning and regulation?

Whether your goal is furthering your career or you have only recently made the decision to enter the realm of academia as a supporting or leading role, we will help you gain the skills to address the needs of rapidly-diversifying campuses.

Your course work

Your studies will deal with issues of management- resource management and allocation, unifying disparate elements, and the finer points of cultural awareness and advocacy. In addition, there is also a focus on research and inquiry that will sharpen your abilities to address the needs of the populations you will serve.

Your career

Each degree and concentration in these programs leads to a different area of specialization or advancement. If you want to become a leader of an educational organization, the Ph.D. is your best choice. The M.Ed. prepares you to fill support and mid-level leadership roles within higher education organizations.