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College of Education

Elementary Education, M.A.T

What will I study?

The Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education is a cohort program, which means that you will go through the program as part of a group of students and take most of your courses together in the same sequence.  In addition to the core curriculum, your course work will also include instructional methods and assessment practices, reading assessments, literacy instruction and the nature and management of elementary classrooms. Two internships are part of the program; these internships include a diverse range of settings such as urban, suburban and rural schools which will help you develop an understanding of educating children from a variety of cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds.


What kinds of work will I be able to do?

The program is designed to help you to become a professional educator, whether you have recently finished an undergraduate program in another field, or are interested in a career change.  It leads to initial teacher certification in Elementary Education from the state of South Carolina. The majority of our graduates obtain full-time elementary teaching positions in school districts across South Carolina and become leaders in their schools and districts because of the depth and breadth of their preparation. In addition, on completing the program, you will receive the Read to Succeed endorsement required for South Carolina educators.


Typical course work

Professional Education Courses (15 hours)
These courses form a solid foundation in the current trends regarding teaching and learning as evidenced in a variety of social settings.  Special consideration is given to reading instruction, research based methodologies, human growth and development, and effective teaching techniques through the use of high quality materials.

Teaching Education Courses and Clinical Experience One (15 hours)
In these courses you will learn key theories and concepts that you will use throughout the program and your teaching career. You will learn to identify key conceptual theories in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies and apply them in real classrooms through an embedded field experience model.  Your first clinical experience (internship) is a part of your English Language Arts methods course.

Practicum and Internship Experiences (15 hours)
Your practicum and internship experience includes attend a three-hour seminar course where you will explore principles and theories of curriculum development and strategies to translate curriculum into personal classroom practice. You will complete Internship Two during the spring semester of your final year.

Graduate Electives (6 hours)
You have the option to choose approved graduate electives to round out the degree. Typically, students select electives that can be used for an additional endorsement through the South Carolina Department of Education.

Practicum and Internship Experiences
Prior to completing the internship portion of the program, students must be admitted to the Professional Program. The internships consist of an introductory internship during the fall semester and a final full time internship in the spring of the spring semester.