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College of Education

Social Studies, M.A.T. (9-12 Certification)

The Master of Art in Teaching Social Studies Secondary Education is offered jointly by the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences.  This degree prepares you for initial certification as a high school social studies teacher.


What will I study?

The MAT in Secondary Social Studies degree consists of a minimum of 48 credit hours. The program’s course work is designed to further build your content knowledge, provide you with real-life student teaching experiences, and confer practical information about pedagogy and classroom management.


What kinds of work will I be able to do?

Successful completion of this degree program fulfills initial teacher certification requirements to be a high school social studies teacher in the state of South Carolina, and gives you potential to transfer your licensure to other states, depending on their licensure requirements. Graduates of the program work in a wide range of high school settings, including public, international and private schools.

Typical Course Work

Professional Area Courses (minimum 24 semester hours)
Your professional area courses are designed to help you to build a foundation for teaching high school social studies. These courses provide an overview and introduction to the social studies profession including methods and theories for instruction focused on student learning, special education, reading in the content areas, assessment and human growth and development.

Content Areas Courses (minimum 15 semester hours)
You must take a minimum of 15 graduate level content courses (e.g. history, geography, anthropology, sociology). Your advisor will help you figure out what courses are appropriate based on your personal interests and experience.

Teaching Internship Courses (9 semester hours)
During the final year of study, you will complete a year-long teaching internship. In the fall, you will be placed in two six-week placements for 7.5 – 10 hours per week; in the spring, you will have one full-time teaching internship. You will have the opportunity to teach students in high schools while receiving support from your coaching teacher and the university supervisor of the locations you are placed in.

Electives (varies)
You may be able to also complete requirements for Middle Level Certification and Gifted and Talented Certification. Your advisor will help you figure out how to pursue these options.

For more information about curriculum or program requirements, please visit the academic bulletin

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