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In Print: Faculty Coffee Chat with a Publishing Press

Join Mick Gusinde-Duffy, Editor in Chief of the UGA Press for a conversation with faculty and graduate students about publishing with the UGA academic press.

UGA Press is interested in acquiring manuscripts or supporting the development of book ideas for their new Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Book Series. The series provides a venue for international, pioneering scholarship that moves our understanding of race, racism, ethnicity, and ethnic oppression forward.

The series will develop books that engage in contemporary social issues in a meaningful way, advocating intervention and action in social justice and social transformation. While theoretically and empirically grounded in sociology, books in this series may intersect a wide-array of social sciences (geography, history, political science, anthropology, philosophy, education).

Aimed at both academics and practitioners through thought-provoking and teachable manuscripts, we are particularly interested in “engaged scholarship.” We also encourage theoretical perspectives (and methods and methodologies) that have historically been marginalized, but which are intellectually engaged, rigorous, and critical. Such perspectives include, but are not limited to: Du Boisian analysis, Critical Race Theory, Afro-Centrist/Futurist, Latinx Critical Theory, as well as Critical Raced-Gendered and other intersectional epistemologies. They seek book proposals that accomplish the dual goals of speaking to the public square and pushing the intellectual conversation forward.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.