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Bilingualism Matters @UofSC

We live in a diverse world where communicating and connecting with others across languages is incredibly important.  As globalization continues to impact all sectors of society (e.g., education, business, policy), multilingualism becomes necessary in order to govern the needs and cross-cultural contexts of the changing world. With this, it is increasingly vital for a wide range of partners (e.g., universities, schools, businesses, community organizations) to collaborate in order to best support students’ abilities to be the future leaders of a global world. Bilingualism Matters @USC will serve as a resource to facilitate these discussions.

Our next conference will be March 20-21 (all day March 20 and ½ day on the 21st).


About Bilingualism Matters @UofSC

Bilingualism Matters is an information center with its headquarters at the University of Edinburgh with branches in Europe and the United States. Bilingualism Matters aims to disseminate research findings in ways that promote communication and collaboration between families, schools, and the public sector. 

Much of the excitement about research on bilingualism concerns findings that suggest that speaking multiple languages helps children perform better in some areas. These studies suggest that bilingualism supports the brain’s executive function—a command system that direct attention to processes that we use for planning.  Scientific studies also show that learning another language helps children understand that different people have different points of view, thereby supporting their social skills. 

At Bilingualism Matters @ the University of South Carolina, we do research and partner with local school districts to promote awareness about bilingualism, to develop sound instructional practices, and to share resources with the community.

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