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College of Education

Writing Improvement Network

The Writing Improvement Network is a professional development resource for South Carolina Pre K-12 teachers. Our teacher experts provide training in research-based best practices for teaching students to become better readers and writers. We also provide guidance in choosing professional development and classroom resources.

Founded by the South Carolina legislature in 1988, the Writing Improvement Network is a component of the Center for Educational Partnerships at the College of Education at the University of South Carolina.

Our mission is to help with your English Language Arts curriculum and assessment needs. We strive to meet your educational needs in improving efficiency and effectiveness while addressing the latest College- and Career- Ready Standards and their assessments by:

  • Working side-by-side with teachers to improve instructional strategies and materials for all aspects of language arts: reading, writing, vocabulary, research, and technology
  • Demonstrating effective instructional strategies for all aspects of literacy: content, disciplinary, and multimedia, by working directly with students as teachers observe
  • Assisting teachers with development of instructional materials and classroom assessments that align to the correct grade-level and appropriate cognitive rigor of academic standards
  • Demonstrating for teachers how to analyze available test information to improve instruction
  • Reviewing district English Language Arts curriculum for alignment and rigor and recommend revisions
  • Assisting teachers in transitioning instruction and assessments to College- and Career- Ready Standards
  • Providing off-site workshops – often by grade band (Pre K – 5, 6 -12) – for teachers and administrators across the state to learn specific instructional strategies and share their own professional experiences with others