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College of Education

  • diverse group of children in a classroom


Our Mission

ALL4SC brings together University of South Carolina assets to support cradle-to-career lifetime learners who have the academic and life skills to take full advantage of choices and options that allow them to fully contribute to their communities.


Our Vision 

South Carolina will lead the nation with its system of inclusive community schools that support developing the whole child from cradle to career.


Our Values

ALL4SC advocates for an education system in South Carolina that:

  • encourages deep collaboration with communities resulting in world-class learning outcomes for students
  • meets students where they are to get them what they need to be rather than where the system says they need to be at a particular point in time 
  • puts dollars and resources where they are needed most


Our Goals

Provide support to communities that will lead to a system of whole child education in South Carolina to ensure:

  • every child has access to cradle-to-career community-supported schools
  • every school  becomes a center of community where students and their families can get the support they need for all aspects of their lives
  • every educator has an opportunity to work in a school that supports their ongoing learning and development as professionals.
  • every district and community work together to provide ongoing learning experiences both after school and during the summers for all children

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