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College of Education

Information for Current Students

Undergraduate Advisement Information

The Student Services office advises Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Level, and Physical Education majors. If you are working towards Secondary Education certification as part of the 5th-Year Master of Teaching degree, the advisors in your home college will continue to advise you as you complete your undergraduate work. You need to meet with your advisor at least twice per year for official course advising, and before you can register for classes each semester.

We will work diligently to provide you with all the information you need to complete your undergraduate program in a successful and timely manner.

However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are aware of and understand all the information available in this website, any handouts, your Student Handbook for your major, and in the USC Undergraduate Studies Bulletin. Likewise, it is your responsibility to maintain accurate and current address and phone number information both with the Office of Student Affairs in the College of Education, and with the USC Registrar’s office.

Any requests for exceptions to the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree education program must be submitted in writing to the College of Education, Office of Student Services, and unless and until you have received a written response explicitly stating that you are allowed an exception of any kind, you should continue abiding by the requirements as written.