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College of Education

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Lemuel W. Watson, Ph.D.

Title: Professor
Department: Educational Leadership and Policies
College of Education


Lemuel W. Watson is Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policies. Dr. Watson is the former Dean of the College of Education at the University of South Carolina. He has also previously served as Executive Director of the Center for P–20 Engagement, the Dean of the College of Education at Northern Illinois University, and as Dean for the division of Academic Support at Heartland College. He is an alumni of the Darla Moore School of Business at USC.

Dr. Watson completed his master's degree at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and a doctorate degree in higher education and policy from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. His career spans across various divisions in educational organizations where he has been a teacher, faculty, policy analyst, and administrator.

Dr. Watson has been awarded the U.S. Embassy Policy Specialist (EPS) Fellowship by the International Research and Exchanges Board to conduct research on the impact of the Georgia Institute of Public Affairs. Dean Watson was a Senior Research Fellow at the C. Houston Center at Clemson University and Research Fellow at the Institute for Southern Studies at University of South Carolina. He is a Fulbright Scholar to Belarus and has written articles, books, and served as editor for several volumes related to organizational behavior, educational leadership and administration, human development, public policy, K-12 issues, and higher education.

Dr. Watson serves on a number of professional and community boards. He is a Certified Master Coach by the Behavioral Coaching Institute of Sydney, Australia and a Certified Trainer through the Center for Entrepreneurial Resources at Ball State University at Muncie, Indiana. In addition, he is a Certified Systems Engineer by Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) of Plano, Texas. 
He has provided workshops and professional development opportunities to executives, teachers, and administrators in the United States as well as abroad including countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Belarus, China, England, Finland, Korea, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, and Mexico.

Dr. Watson's personal motto is, "The best is always yet to come."