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Constance Shepard, Ph.D.

Title: Research Associate
Adjunct Faculty
Department: Research Evaluation Measurement Center
College of Education
Phone: 803-777-1440
Constance Shepard


Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Foundations & Inquiry Certificate of Graduate Study in Qualitative Research, The University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. Dissertation Title: Who are they? A case study of Community Health Workers in Primary Health Care

Master of Social Work, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA Specializations: Family and Children, Macro Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work, Livingstone College, Salisbury, NC

Research Interests

Research Interests: The intersections of education, social work, and social justice; culturally responsive pedagogy, interventions and evaluation; multicultural education; qualitative research, and community-based research. 


Constance Shepard is a Research Associate with the Research, Evaluation, and Measurement Center at the University of South Carolina. She teaches bachelor's and masters’ level courses in the Colleges of Education and Social Work at the University of South Carolina and is an instructor for the Certified Community Health Workers Training Program at Midlands Technical College. Constance has a bachelor and masters of Social Work degree from Livingstone College and the University of Georgia and a Ph.D. in the Foundations of Education and Inquiry from the University of South Carolina. Her dissertation, “Who are they? A case study of community health workers (CHW) in primary health care" is an ethnographic study that provides insight into the lives of CHWs.

Constance has had a rich, productive career in social work, practice and research experience in a broad range of areas; adolescent pregnancy and risk behaviors, children's well-being, substance abuse treatment among parenting mothers, mental and behavioral health treatment, suicide prevention, and building and maintaining community partnerships and collaborations. Constance has developed, implemented, and evaluated community-based programs addressing issues such as reunification of mothers in prison with their children; mentoring for pregnant and parenting teens; transitional housing for homeless teenage mothers and housing for individuals with mental illness. These interventions involved extensive education of adult learners at multiple levels as well as program evaluation and research that demonstrated positive results and outcomes. Moreover, she has been responsible for the oversight and management of agencies including programs services delivery, employees, volunteers, bachelor and masters-level students’ field placement experiences.

After an extensive career in social work, Constance returned to graduate school to gain a comprehensive understanding of the interrelationship between education and social work interventions that affect social issues. She was concerned about the gap or disconnect between social work practitioners, educators, and researchers. Frequently, research occurs in academia, yet rarely gets disseminated in a way that is practical or beneficial to service providers. Constance would like to challenge this disconnect by not only utilizing research in more efficient ways but by also creating learning opportunities that encourage and prepare professionals to develop strategies and methods for obtaining and appropriately using research in everyday practice.

Selected Publications and/or Presentations

1. Shepard, C.W. (2016). Community Health Workers’ Culturally Responsive Services Delivery. Poster presented at the Unity Conference, Atlanta, GA

2. Platt, C.S., McDaniel, B., Shepard, C., Canyon, C., Lee, J. (In press). Navigating the intersection of race and gender in doctoral education. In Newman, C.B., Hilton, A.A., Hinnant-Crawford, B., & Platt, C.S. Multicultural Education in the 21st Century: Innovative Research and Practices. Information Age Publishing: Charlotte, NC

3. Shepard, C.W. (2016). Who are they? A case study of community health workers in primary health care. Poster presented at the Unity Conference, Memphis TN.

4. Platt, C.S., Shepard, C., McDaniel, B., Lee, J. (2016). Coming from where I’m from Black Doctoral Student Pathways to the Ph.D. Presented at the International Conference on Doctoral Education, Orlando, Fl.

5. Shepard, C, McMurtrie, D. & Benjamin, S. (2015). “Culturally responsive practice using critical race methodologies across three fields,” presented at the 2014 Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment Annual, Chicago, Illinois

6. McMurtrie, D. Benjamin, S. & Shepard. C. (2015). “Using a Critical Race Theory Lens in Education, Social Work, and Tourism.” Roundtable Discussion, the University of South Carolina College of Education Third Annual Diversity Forum Program

Special Awards

1. University of SC Patterson Wardlaw Memorial Scholarship, 2015-2016

2. Distinguished Service Award, Mental Health America of SC, 2011

3. Outstanding Contribution to Suicide Prevention Honor, 2010

4. QPR Institute Leadership Award 

5. Dr. Henry Chou Humanitarian Award, Alliance for the Mentally Ill, 2002


EDFI300: Schools in Communities