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College of Education

Online Professional Development on Equity for Adjunct Instructors

The purpose of this program is to draw from the inclusive definition of diversity in the College of Education’s Diversity Plan (August, 2012) and propose a series of professional development modules. The modules should focus on providing online delivery to adjuncts on various aspects of diversity including race, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, and intellectual perspectives.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants include all full-time faculty in the COE. Collaborative efforts are welcomed.

Funds Available and Project Timeframe

The project will be funded up to $20,000. Projects should take place between January and August 2017. Funds are earmarked for the fiscal year in which the project is awarded. Approved projects must be completed during that fiscal year unless otherwise noted and approved by the committee.

Expectations during the Grant Period

Principal Instructors receiving awards will be expected to:

  1. Adhere to the proposed timeline.
  2. Pilot some of the modules and make revisions as necessary.
  3. Produce a complete set of modules that are ready for use in Fall 2017.

Final Report

The final report should be a completed syllabus for the modules. The final report can be submitted at any time, but is due no later than 30 days after the end of the grant term.  The syllabus should be submitted to the Dean’s Office. Failure to submit a report will disqualify applicants from future internal and PDF grant opportunities.

Proposal Preparation

Each proposal that includes a proposal should include the following: coversheet, a project description, and a budget. These three proposal components should be combined into a single Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file.  

  1. Coversheet
    Names and Contact Information of Proposers
  2. Project Description
    The Project Description should not exceed 4 single pages using single-spacing, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins in all directions. It should include the following information.
    1. A theoretical or conceptual framework for the proposed project which draws from the existing knowledge bases in diversity and equity.
    2. A description of how the project addresses goals stated in the COE Diversity Plan (August 2012).
    3. Goals and/or objectives for the modules.
    4. An outline and description of the content that will be included in the modules.
    5. Logistical details such as how the modules will be managed and evaluated.
    6. A brief description the modules and content that will be included.
    7. An explanation for the nature of the online delivery and instructional design features (e.g., how/where will the site be hosted and accessed).
    8. A timetable.
  3. Qualifications of Instructor(s)
    Describe qualifications of the developer(s).
  4. Other Information pertinent to this project. (optional)
  5. Budget
    Include a budget and budget justification, not to exceed two pages combined. The budget should itemize personnel, other costs and the total funds requested. The budget justification should describe the roles of personnel to be supported, detail other costs to the extent possible at this time. See Budget template below.
  6. Allowable Costs
    • Faculty salary support for summer compensation in compliance with university policy as governed by HR 1.81.
    • Course buy-out is limited to $5,000 for one course, inclusive of any associated fringe benefits cost and requires a letter of support from the department or unit chair.
    • Purchase of software, course content items, data sets or specialized development services for the course.
    • Salary and fringe benefits of undergraduate and graduate students who assist in the course development process. Provide specific details regarding their role.
    • Compensation for CTE and UTS staff.
    • Outside consultants or vendors.
    • Note: All expenditures must be made in accordance with University policies. Please see the Budget Template [pdf] for guidance.
  7. Proposal Submission and Review
    Completed proposal packets should be submitted to Rebecca Wessinger at before 5:00 pm on December 5, 2016. You will receive an e-mail confirmation.
  8. Review Process
    Proposals will be reviewed and ranked by members of the Faculty Welfare committee. The committee will make recommendations for funding to the Dean and the award will be made by the Dean. One award will be made. Decisions will be made based on the quality of the proposal, the reasonableness of the budget, and the likelihood that the proposed modules will be sustainable, accessible, and feasible.

The quality of the proposal and reasonableness of the budget will be assessed based on the Professional Development Funds Proposal Scoring Rubric [pdf] as well as the following factors unique to this PDF initiative:

  • Description is complete and well-written.
  • Theoretical and conceptual framework are strong.
  • Instructor(s) has/have the requisite experience and knowledge base.
  • The likelihood that the course will enhance adjunct professors’ understanding, competency, and dispositions regarding diversity and equity.  
  • Budget is reasonable.

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