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Stories of Our State: South Carolina

Ever thought about a home birth using a midwife?  Ever been to God’s Healing Acre to get some divine spring water?  Want a deep look into South Carolina’s 25-year fight over public school funding?  Welcome to the “Stories of Our State: South Carolina,” an in-depth, multimedia look at stories impacting South Carolina.  All stories are produced by SJMC students over the course of a semester under the guidance of Instructor Andy Burns.  Enjoy our new initiative: Stories of Our State: South Carolina.


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In their home: An intimate look at home birth in South Carolina

She had six children. She was pregnant with her seventh. She wanted a different kind of birth — at home, with her family.

Dee Peifer allowed Kristin Stitzlein to document her birth experience. For four months, Stitzlein followed Peifer, her midwife, and two other home birthing couples. She also spoke with obstetricians. From there, things got complicated.

Stitzlein's short documentary details Peifer's experience and the tension apparent between the midwife vs. OBGYN models. Stitzlein also included a photo essay of Dee’s labor and birth. The infographic details the various licensing available in each state.

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After a 25-year legal battle over school funding, SC still struggles with “Minimally Adequate” model

A public school teacher near Hilton Head got school funding for multi-colored chairs because she read colors stimulate children’s brains.  Another public school teacher near Hilton Head maxed out her personal credit cards just to have some books in her classroom.

J-school student Brooke Rakowski went to both schools and spoke with both teachers.  She found that a 25-year battle over how the state funds its public schools is back to square one.  A written and documentary profile of the two teachers and their schools is linked to the “story” and  “video” tabs.  A full timeline of the 25-year-old “Abbeville” court case is linked to the “Timeline” tab.


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