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Areas of Interest


Suggested Program of Study

The generalist program prepares students in a number of different areas. It appeals to students planning careers in smaller organizations where staff must be proficient in all major activity areas, and to students who are open to working in a variety of settings.

In addition to the successful completion of a 36-credit program of study, students will provide evidence that they have met the SLIS program core competencies by submitting a satisfactory portfolio that serves as the capstone experience for the MLIS degree.

Core - Required (12 hours)

Course Title Prerequisites Credit
701* Introduction to Library and Information Studies None 3
705* Introduction to Research 9 hours 3
706*  Introduction to Info Tech None 3
707*  Info Org and Retrieval  701 3

Management - Take 1 of the following- Required (3 hours)

Course Title Prerequisites Credit
SLIS 704 Introduction to the Management of Libraries, Media Centers, and Information Agencies None 3
SLIS 728 Public Library Systems  701 3
SLIS 729 Academic Libraries 704 3

Elective Courses (select 7)

The following courses are recommendations. Others may be included based on student area of interest.

Course Title Prerequisites Credit
SLIS 702 Introduction to Technical Services 701 3
SLIS 703 Introduction to Information Sources and Services None 3
SLIS 711 Introduction to Archival and Records Studies None 3
SLIS 719 Preservation Planning and Administration 701  3
SLIS 730 Cataloging Information Materials 707 3
SLIS 734 Government Information Sources 703 & 707 3
SLIS 740 Online Information Services 707
SLIS 748 Business Information Sources and Services 740
SLIS 749 Health Sciences Information Resources None 3
SLIS 751 Libraries, Literacy, and Literature  701
SLIS 752 Diversity in Libraries None  3
SLIS 754 Library Programming for Children and Young Adults None 3
SLIS 755 Popular Materials and Programming for Adults None 3
SLIS 756 Children's Materials None 3
SLIS 766 Collection Development and Acquisitions  701 3
SLIS 775 Practicum in Organizing and Managing Web Resources None 3

* MLIS course requirements: SLIS 701, 705, 707 and 706 or Technology Competency Exam