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Journalism and Mass Communications


A practicum is an internship-like experience that combines field experience and academic activities.  The practicum is a core requirement for the MMC program and students typically take part in this experience after other course work has been completed.  A student must work a total of 450 hours (or 30 hours a week for 15 weeks) at a professional organization.

If you plan to register for the Practicum (JOUR 777) for next semester, you should download a copy of the Practicum Guidelines and Forms.

The sponsoring organization must agree to adhere to the guidelines and requirements. You will need to submit a brief proposal including a description of your practicum along with location, supervisor, and phone numbers prior to being cleared to register for this course. 

Practicum Support

Need help finding the right practicum? Although it is up to the student to secure an appropriate practicum, the School of Journalism and Mass Communications has several resources to help you find an appropriate organization for your practicum.

Graduate Student Services Manager:  As an alumnus of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Camea Cato understands the importance of combining field experience and academic activities. In addition to serving as Graduate Student Services Manager, Cato is a Certified Career Development Facilitator and works with graduate students on practicum procedures and placement. See Cato to find out more about the practicum itself and how to get started.

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