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Web Analytics

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August 1, 2016 - July 31, 2017

By the numbers - Most visited:

  • SJMC landing page
  • Graduate Academic Programs - MLIS
  • Undergraduate Academic Programs - Information Science
  • Faculty Bio: Charles Bierbauer
  • News Story: In Memoriam page for Dr. Bob Williams - SLIS
  • Internal Site SJMC : Internship Opportunities
  • Internal Site SLIS: Schedules
  • eNews: June 2017
  • Browser - Chrome: Countries other than U.S. - India; Platform - desktop; Mobile device - Applie iphone; Operating System - Windows (for the first year in a couple years I think); Gender - Female; Age - 18-24.

Analytics for both the Marketing and Internal Sites Combined

Analytics for Marketing (external) Site By Section/Navigation Items

Analytics for MY CIC (internal site) Only