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Policies and Procedures

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Adherence to University Policy A2.00
Adjunct Faculty A1.75
Advising (Graduate Students)  A5.05
Affirmative Action A2.05
Annual Evaluations - Faculty A1.05
Attendance (Student) A5.10
Auditing of Courses A3.05
Awards A5.40 


Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Library and Information Science A5.52
Class Visitors A3.20
Class Schedules A3.15
Collection of Money A2.20
Conditional Admission A5.15
Consulting Activity A1.31
Committees A1.15
Confidentiality of Records & Files A4.05
Course Assistants A3.59
Course Evaluations A3.40
Continuing Education Activities A3.25
Course Files A3.30
Curriculum Committee A1.21


 Distributed Learning A1.22


Email - Student A2.31
Enrollment in Courses A3.37
Equipment Loan A4.10
Emerging and Special Topics Courses


Faculty Meetings A1.35
Faculty Senator A1.40


Grade Appeals A5.90
Grade Requirements for Degree Credit A5.80
Grade Verification (Retention of Graded Work) A3.55
Graduate Assistantships A5.14
Grievance Procedure - also see STAF630 0504.pdf A5.30
Guest Speakers & Lecturers A2.25


Incompletes A1.28
Information Technology Committee A1.24
Internships A5.35


Laboratory Regulations A4.00
Listservs A2.30


Maintenance Calls A4.20
Master of Library & Information Science Requirements A5.42


New Courses & Course Changes A3.60
Non-Degree Registration Eligibility A5.03


Office Assignments A4.25
Office Hours A1.45


Peer Review of Faculty A1.08
Peer Review Rating Form FORM
Personal Work A1.50
Petitions A5.45
Photocopier A4.30
Portfolio, Student A5.85
Post-Tenure Review A1.06
Post Tenure Review Procedures FORM
Program Evaluation A5.01
Purchases A2.50


Recruitment of Faculty A1.55
References for Students A5.50
Reinstatement to Graduate Programs A5.02
Released Time (Funded) A1.60
Revalidation of Courses A5.56


Scholarships A5.60
Security A4.45
Sick Leave - Faculty A1.70
South Carolina Center for Children's Books and Literacy (SCCCBL) A1.18
Special Events A1.26
Specialist Degree A5.65
Student Records Retention A4.40
Student Representatives to Committees A1.30
Student Services Committee A1.17
Student Use of Equipment A5.70


Technology Competency Requirements A1.20
Telephones A4.50
Tenure & Promotion Committee A1.29
2009 Tenure and Promotion Guidelines A1.32 
2011 Tenure and Promotion Guidelines  
Textbooks and Supplies Orders A2.60
Transfer Credit A5.75
Travel A2.65


Waiver of Course Prerequisites A3.70

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