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Coronavirus Policies and Procedures

The College of Information and Communications is prepared to respond effectively for a successful transition to education in the fall. Updates to policies and procedures specific to the college will be found here.

The College of Information and Communications is working closely with the university to prepare for a successful transition to campus. Rest assured that the safety of our staff support team, faculty, and students is paramount.

We’ve created teams to (1) monitor employee wellness and return to campus, (2) make preparations for mitigation and PPE, and (3) provide infrastructure and guidance for instructional support. Each team reports to the CIC Deployment Team — a UofSC mandated team created to ensure university guidance is followed while also making adjustments for specific college and school challenges.

Please note that on the instructional side, the directors and their support teams are working diligently to adjust course schedules and delivery format. Please contact your director with any course-specific question or suggestion.

This site will provide updates and guidance by team. If the answer you are seeking is not readily apparent, please visit the university’s COVD-19 pages  or submit your question to Rachel Rolli. If you have suggestions, please submit those to Rachel as well. 

Deployment Team (Rachel Rolli)

This team oversees the other teams, properly catalogs and coordinates COVID related purchases and guidance from the university.

Posted FAQs this week. Met recently to discuss progress reports from the other teams. Ensuring the CIC follows university protocol.
This team is meeting next week to finalize questions that will comprise the FAQ section on the CIC COVID Policies and Procedures page.

The Deployment Team met on Tuesday, June 23 and another meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 29. We are working on creating a FAQ’s section on the CIC COVID Policies and Procedures page. 

Please email Rachel Rolli at if you have any questions or concerns. The university has contacted employees affected by the mandatory furlough.

Deployment Team meeting scheduled for Friday, June 12 at 1:30 p.m.

Return to Work Team (Rachel Rolli)

Rachel works with the supervisors for daily monitoring and reporting, and phasing back to work. Everyone who can work from home is encouraged to do so.

Instituted an easier way to report daily attendance and COVID screening with an email sent each morning at 6 AM. Will be looking at new agreements for those with modified working schedules. 

This team continues to submit daily census reports to HR. Please continue to submit your daily survey to capture your work status for reporting to University leadership. Collectively, your responses will be shared with the Dean and the Division of Human Resources. This survey is mandatory and should be completed by noon each day. Please note: Question #4 is for employees going into the office for the entire day or part of the day. If you are going into the office, please complete the online health form.

Continuing to submit the daily census report to HR. Starting June 29 each CIC employee will be responsible for submitting their own daily attendance. This will be a daily survey to capture your work status for reporting to University Leadership. Collectively, your responses will be shared with Tom Reichert and the Division of Human Resources. This survey  is mandatory and should be completed by noon each day. 

Note: Question #4 is for employees going into the office for the whole day or part of the day. If you are going into the office, please complete the online health form.

Number of CIC employees returning each phase:

  • Phase 1 (June 1 – June 21): A total of 10 employees
  • Phase 2 (June 22 – July 13): A total of 24 employees
  • Phase 3 (July 14 – August 3): A total of 28 employees

Return to the Work Place Letters for those returning in phase 4 will be distributed the week of June 29.

 Nothing new to report. Continuing to work with supervisors.
 Return to the Work Place Letters continue to be distributed to employee’s as return dates are verified. Daily Covid-19 Screening form is still required for anyone that comes onto campus. Continuing to submit the daily census report.

Mitigation and PPE Team (Pierre d’Autel)

This team is charged with implementing university guidelines for social distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE). It also develops guidelines and procedures specific to the college and schools.

Installing protective plexiglass sneeze guards, hand-sanitizer stations, keyboard covers, and posted updated signage in both schools and the Greenhouse. Ordered air purifiers to test in classrooms. Set up seating signage in the labs and auditoriums. 

Facilities came around and posted signs on the walls in SJMC on July 17. We will be removing some of this signage and replacing it with our own using different verbiage that the mitigation team decided on since we are requiring face coverings to be worn in the building.

We have deployed the “Please do not touch screen” stickers in the labs and have cleaned all the screens in 113, 217, 219, 221, and 222. We will be deploying those also in the news room 108 and 109 and in Davis 111. 

Keyboard covers have been ordered for Davis 111 to make cleaning easy.

SCCCL classroom furniture has been set to house the U101 class with social distancing signage and hand sanitizer stations.

Our purchased hand sanitizer pump bottles have been labeled and filled with sanitizer ready for deployment.

We are working on getting floor stickers ready for Daniel’s check-out counter and other places around both schools.

Protocol for what face coverings to wear in the Newsroom, control room, the main studio, the Greenhouse studio and remote control room are set and signage is created to display on the doors of the studios.

Touchless desktop hand sanitizer dispensers have been ordered for the Dean, Director’s and Student services suite.

The mitigation team met June 26. We discussed possibly renting portable sinks and decided that we would instead rely on the hand sanitizer stations. We are making progress with attaining more PPE.

We are working with the Director’s Office for final occupancy of the labs and classrooms and about how traffic will flow in various classrooms throughout the building.

We have all the available signage to keep people aware of expectations while in the building.

The Mitigation Team met briefly this Friday at 10:30 a.m. for updates on information collection and PPE supply ordering. Initial items from CJ’s order have arrived. Computer Lab signage to remind students not to touch computer screens has been shipped. Michaela is working with Bob Wertz to finalize our UofSC COVID-19 sticker and signage branding. Also, clearing out old inventory for PPE storage. Working on distribution plan of face coverings for faculty and staff.

This week the keyboard covers and Owls for testing arrived (Owls are 360˚ 1080p HD cameras with built in mics). Plexiglass sneeze shields have been ordered (x11). Digital signage has been updated to reflect social distancing. Collecting input from faculty about how best to teach in the photo studio. Facilities has installed door stops on all of the labs and foot openers on the bathrooms. Wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers (4 locations per floor) are scheduled to be installed.

Instructional Support Team (Jill Chappell-Fail)

This team will support any FTF instruction that likely will be simulcast. It will also support some elements of online learning (i.e., VidGrid).

Provided a report on classroom capacity and teaching technology available in each classroom. Training is being planned. Creating VidGrid accounts for faculty and related instructions. 

This team conducted more practice recordings sessions with the OWL WebCam. We are awaiting a response from DoIT on the official licensing status of the Adobe cloud software for Fall. 

We have a recording of the simulation in room 113 using the web cam and mic the university is proposing and then one using the Owl 360 camera that Pierre and Jill have been experimenting with. This might be instructive for faculty who are teaching hybrid with a combination face-to-face and remote.

Nothing new to report other than Owls arrived for instructional testing.
Continuing to monitor the contract process with VidGrid. Examining the new OWL webcam for classroom use. Working with University Technology (DoIT) about who will order webcams and microphones for the enhanced classrooms in Davis College and SJMC to aid in streaming and recording classes. Also considering suggestions such as an outside tent for instruction.

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