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Journalism and Mass Communications

Faculty by Sequence

Following is a list of full-time faculty by sequence.

Faculty Sequence Leadership
Bowen, Shannon Public Relations  
Brannon, Greg Journalism  
Brook, Nina Journalism, Public Relations   
Burns, Andy Journalism  
Campbell Kenneth Mass Communications Sequence Head
Carter, Shirley Staples Public Relations  
Click, Carolyn Journalism  
Covington, Randy Mass Communications  
Davis, Kelly Public Relations  
Farrand, Scott Visual Communications, Journalism  
Fisher, Doug Journalism  
Fitzpatrick, Mary Anne Mass Communications  
Grant, Augie Journalism  
Grigg Ernie Public Relations  
Habib, Sabrina Visual Communications  
Holmes, Cecile Journalism  
Hull, Kevin Journalism Sequence Head
Jun, Jungmi Public Relations  
Kim, Sei-Hill Public Relations  
Kornegay, Van Visual Communications Sequence Head
LaRoche, Michelle Journalism  
Mallia, Karen Advertising  
Maye, Carmen Advertising  
McGill, Denise Visual Communications  
McKeever, Brooke Public Relations  
McKeever, Robert Mass Communications  
Mortensen, Tara Visual Communications  
Moscowitz, David Mass Communications  
Moscowitz, Leigh Public Relations Sequence Head
Overton, Holly Public Relations  
Pardun, Carol Advertising  
Pellizzaro, Kirstin Journalism  
Peterson, Rick Journalism  
Robinson, Eric Mass Communications   
Sisk, Lisa Public Relations  
Smith, Laura Journalism  
Wen, Taylor Advertising  
Wiggins, Ernest Mass Communications  
Williams, Jeff Advertising  
Wu, Linwan Advertising