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School of Visual Art and Design

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Media Arts

Whether you’re interested in filmmaking, animation, game design, manga, mobile media, virtual reality or other emerging forms on the frontiers of digital art, the media arts program will prepare you to be a creator in tomorrow’s media landscape.

Learn to Make What You See

Everywhere you look, you see screens. You're used to movie theaters, television and the web. But the screens around you are proliferating. Walk down the street in any city and you'll see them. Go into any art gallery and they are there. We even carry screens in our pockets.

Someone has to decide what populates those screens and what they communicate. Someone has to make them relevant. Someone needs to make them beautiful. A degree in media arts will teach you how to do that.


Our Students Learn Versatility

Successful makers are flexible and adaptable. There are programs all over the country that can train you to follow instructions, but building a sustainable career means realizing your own visions. 

We prepare agile, independent artists—makers who are ready to succeed as workers and partners, and as innovators and entrepreneurs.


Our Students Are Already Doing Meaningful Work

While you're reading this, our students are performing motion capture for a new video game on our green screen stage. Companies across the country have our seniors in valuable internships. Our students are showing their films at festivals. Our alumni are working on productions across the nation, and are even starting their own businesses.