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Department of Theatre and Dance

  • Lab Theatre Season 21-22.  Picture of one male actor and one female actor on a circular stage.

Lab Theatre

The university's black box performance space was established as a laboratory for students to explore new ideas and put classroom studies to practical use. Today it's another stage where you can enjoy compelling live theatre.  

The Lab Theatre is located at 1400 Wheat St., between Sumter and Pickens, in the Booker T. Washington Building. Show times are 8 p.m. nightly unless otherwise noted. Tickets cost $10 and are sold onlinePlease note ticket sales will end one hour before the start of each performance.


Lab Theatre Season 2021-2022

Scenes from Metamorphoses

Scenes from Metamorphoses

October 28-31, 2021
Written by Mary Zimmerman
Directed by Tiffani Hagan

Hailed in 2002 as “the theatre event of the year” (Time), the award-winning Metamorphoses is a breathtaking fusion of classic and contemporary storytelling, bringing Roman poet Ovid’s timeless myths to dazzlingly theatrical life. Mary Zimmerman’s daring adaptations explore the wide gamut of our universal experience, from love to loss, from joy to despair, connecting all with the idea that nothing in life comes without transformation. 

"Mary Zimmerman's lovely, deeply affecting work...shows that theater can provide not just escape but sometimes a glimpse of the divine." — Time

*Contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children.

This is Our Youth

This is Our Youth

March 24-27, 2022
Written by Kenneth Lonergan
Directed by John Reynolds

Three privileged young adults experience 48 eventful hours at the dawn of the materialistic Reagan Era in this hard-hitting drama by Academy Award-winning author Kenneth Lonergan (Manchester by the Sea). After stealing $15,000 from his tycoon father, 19-year-old Warren turns for help to his slightly older, drug-dealing friend, Dennis.  As they concoct a scheme to buy cocaine with the stolen funds and resell it for profit, Warren falls for fashion student Jessica, threatening both the plan and their lives.  Brutally frank and honest, This is Our Youth is a still-relevant portrayal of young people coming of age in a world they aren’t yet equipped to navigate.

This Is Our Youth is rich and sad and wry in its cruel-to-be-kind portrayal of disillusioned adolescents... How do you put away childish things, it asks, when you aren’t ready to pick up adult ones?”—The Guardian

*Contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children.

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