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Department of Theatre and Dance

USC Dance Conservatory

Policy and Procedures

The USC Dance Conservatory is a disciplined learning environment. We encourage you to know and understand the standards and expectations of our program.

Dancers should be dressed and prepared to dance at class start time in accordance with the required dress code for their level. Dancers arriving more than five minutes late or failing to abide by dress code requirements will be required to sit and observe class. Please notify us of absence from class. Class level placement is at the discretion of the USC Dance Conservatory artistic staff. 

Parents may drop off and pick up children in front of the dance building or park at metered parking on the street. Dancers must enter through the ground level front door and sign in for class at the reception desk.

Food and drink are not permitted in the studio with the exception of bottled water.

Keep informed by regularly checking the bulletin board and your e-mail for announcements.


Dancers in the Graded Levels 1-6 must attend the minimum required classes per week in order to participate in the performance. Absences for any reason must be made up for the dancer to maintain their level and advance. Dancers in graded levels are welcome to attend supplemental classes in their level or below at no additional cost. Good attendance is expected, and may be rewarded.

Dress Code


Dancers in all levels, from Pre-Ballet to Level 6, are required to conform to the dress code. Dancers who come to class inappropriately dressed will be required to observe class.

In all levels, ladies must wear:

  1. Leotards with no attached skirt, no crisscross backs or halter-styles
  2. No skirts or legwarmers
  3. Clean pink tights with no runs or holes
  4. No underwear under tights
  5. Pink ballet slippers with elastics sewn
  6. Level 4 and up may wear ribbons instead of elastics on ballet slippers
  7. Laces and ribbons must be trimmed and tucked in

Leotard Colors by Level

  • Pre-Ballet – Pink
  • Primary 5 and 6 – Light blue
  • Level 1 – White
  • Level 2 – Red
  • Level 3 – Royal blue
  • Level 4 – Lavender
  • Level 5 and 6 – Black

Gentlemen: Black tights, black ballet shoes, close fitting white t-shirts


Ballet slippers must fit snuggly. Even at 3 years old, alignment of the lower leg and foot is critical in ballet for aesthetics as well as injury prevention. Well-fitted shoes help the dancer and teacher. The dancer’s toes should just touch the end of the shoe. It is not safe for dancers to wear ballet slippers with room to grow. Show all new pairs of ballet and pointe shoes to your teacher before you wear or sew them so the fit can be checked. To save wear on shoes and floors, dance shoes should be worn only in the studio.


Ladies: Pink or black tights, close fitting leggings, solid-color leotard and bare feet

Gentlemen: Black tights, close fitting leggings, solid-color fitted t-shirt and bare feet


As is the tradition of classical ballet, hair must be secured off of the face and neck in a bun or twist, starting in pre-ballet. No ponytails or loose hair. Bangs must be pinned back. Body alignment is of primary importance in all levels of ballet, and instructors need to see the line of a student’s body from the head down.

If you are unsure how to put your dancer’s hair into a bun, ask your teacher for some advice. You will need a secure hair band, a hair net, and a lot of bobby pins. All dancers must be able to get their hair in a bun for our spring performance.


Students may withdraw at any point, but tuition must be paid for the full semester. If written notice of withdrawal is not received, tuition will be owed for the entire year. Tuition and fees are non-refundable.