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Department of Statistics

STAT 750

750—Response Surface Methodology. (3) (Prereq: STAT 701 or 705 or consent of department) Methods for fitting (regression) response surfaces and interpreting them subject to random error. Includes designs and industrial process optimization methods.

Usually Offered: Occasionally in Summers

Purpose: To provide graduate students in Statistics and other disciplines with methodology to fit and interpret first- and second-order regression models, and empirical process optimization methods derived from these. Also, issues related to efficient design of experiments to fit response surfaces.

Current Textbook: Empirical Model-Building and Response Surfaces, by George E.P. Box and Norman R. Draper, John Wiley and Sons, 1987.


Topics Covered Chapters Time        
Introduction; Matrix algebra review 1,2, Appendix 3 C 1 week
Regression review 3 1 week
Graphical representations of functions handouts 0.5 weeks
Fitting and interpreting first order surfaces 4,5 2 weeks
Fitting and interpreting second order surfaces 7,9,10,11 3 weeks
Transformations 8 1 week
Steepest ascent and other optimization methods 6 1.5 weeks
Specialized experimental designs for second order surfaces 13,14 1.5 weeks
Experiments with mixtures handouts 1 week
Nonlinear regression models 12, Appendix 3D 1 week

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