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Department of Sociology

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Study Abroad

Imagine exploring Australia, China, England, France, Germany, Spain, Aruba or Egypt while getting college credit at the same time!

There are certain insights that you can only gain by witnessing or experiencing things firsthand. Whether you go for a week or a year, your education abroad experience will expand your resume as well as your photo albums!


Types of Travel

In addition to enrolling in classes that fulfill your major and general degree requirements, you can also volunteer, intern and work abroad in fields related to your academic, professional and extra-curricular interests. Not only can major, minor or general elective credit be earned while abroad, but you can also study a subject or language not offered on campus.


Study Abroad Office

Our Study Abroad Office has a variety of programs that can meet your needs for study abroad. You can make an appointment with advisor to find the program that's right for you and to find scholarships to support your travel. 


Programs Outside the University 

Many of our students have had good experiences traveling with CIS abroad. There are two programs that are particularly interesting for sociology students.