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Department of Psychology

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Tawanda M Greer-Medley

Title: Affiliate Associate Professor
Southern Illinois University
Department: Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences
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Dr. Tawanda M. Greer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology. She received her doctorate degree in Psychology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in Carbondale, IL and her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from a historically Black university, Bowie State University, located in Bowie, Maryland. Her professional background is a compilation of work in the areas of both science and practice. Regarding clinical practice, she has experience in the Veterans Administration (VA) system, state psychiatric hospitals, correction facilities, college counseling centers, and community mental health.

Dr. Greer conducts research on social determinants of psychological health and health inequities. Some her most innovative work has involved the use of neuroimaging techniques to determine how race-related perceptions influence social decision-making for African Americans. She is currently an Associate Editor for Psychology of Women Quarterly, and serves on two Editorial Boards for peer-reviewed journals (Journal of Black Psychology and Journal of Clinical Psychology) and has served as an ad hoc reviewer for numerous peer-reviewed journals in psychology, medicine, and sociology. Her professional affiliations have included the American Psychological Association, the Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues (American Psychological Association's Division 45), and the Association for Psychological Science.

In addition to being an active scholar, Dr. Greer's teaching endeavors have contributed to both the Psychology Department's graduate Clinical-Community doctoral program and the undergraduate psychology program. Regarding undergraduate teaching, Dr. Greer has taught several courses that were designed to enhance student learning of theory and research on the political, health, and economic consequences of social inequities in the United States. Her recent development of an undergraduate course entitled, The Psychology Of Racism, has served to further these teaching objectives. Dr. Greer's teaching at the graduate level has consisted of practicum courses in adult psychotherapy, as well as courses in psychological assessment and interventions. These courses further involve training Clinical-Community program doctoral students in the process of conducting therapeutic interventions that are supported by both theory and research. Dr. Greer has served as one of the primary psychotherapy training supervisors for the Clinical-Community program since her arrival in 2005.

Representative Publications:

Greer, T.M., Brondolo, E., & Brown, P . (in press). Systemic racism moderates effects of provider racial biases on adherence to hypertension treatment for African Americans. Health Psychology, Available OnLine First .

Greer, T.M., Vendemia, J.M.C., & Stancil, M. (2012). Neural correlates of race-related social evaluations for African Americans and White Americans. Neuropsychology, 26(6), 704-712.

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Constantine, M.G, & Greer, T.M. (2004). Personal, Academic, and Career Counseling of African American Women in College Settings. M. Howard-Hamilton, Meeting the Needs of African American Women: New Directions for Student Services, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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