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Department of Physics and Astronomy

PHYS 599 - Introduction to Quantum Computation

In the spring 2022 semester, the Department of Physics and Astronomy will offer the course PHYS 599 - Introduction to Quantum Computation.  This course will be taught by two international guest professors and is supported by the McCausland Visiting Scholar Program.

Enrollment is open for undergraduate and graduate students from all STEM fields and for anybody not afraid of linear algebra.

Quantum computers are not yet sold in stores—but you can already learn how to program them.  Get ready for the future!

Course Details

Quantum computers are currently developed by all major industrial nations as a powerful technology of the near future. The hardware is not yet really ready for use, but just as with conventional computers, designing, manufacturing and using them are quite separate tasks. You can already learn “quantum programming”.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of quantum programming and show examples of quantum algorithms that achieve crucial speed-up as compared to their classic counterparts. In particular, the problem of breaking the standard RSA encryption will be discussed.

The course is designed for physics, math, engineering, and chemistry majors, or anybody familiar with matrix multiplication and linear algebra.

Meeting times:
Lectures:                Tuesday, Thursday 1:15-2:30 PM, Jones PSC
Computer lab:     Thursday, 2:50-3:40 PM, Jones PSC


Textbook:            N. D. Mermin “Quantum computer science: an introduction”, Cambridge University Press, 2007

Instructors:           Dr. Oleksiy Kolezhuk and Dr. Revaz Ramazashvili

Contact for more information:       Dr. Yaroslaw Bazaliy (

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