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Department of Philosophy


The Bachelor of Arts in philosophy at UofSC offers students a wide range of concentrations. Courses are offered in the history of philosophy from antiquity to the present, courses on the history and philosophy of science, philosophy of law and social justice, medical ethics, philosophy of action and much more. As a student in philosophy, our faculty will support you throughout your studies to gain important general skills such as time-management, self-discipline and teamwork. 

Workforce success

Philosophy graduates are generally favored by many employers. What we hear most often is that they are best when it comes to critical questions and the ability to look at a complex issue from a fresh perspective. In short, philosophers are problem spotters and question identifiers:

  • Reading comprehension – Studying philosophical texts of historical significance and technical heft develops your ability to read and comprehend dense and difficult written work
  • Critical reasoning – Analyzing philosophical argumentation builds your capacity for making your own arguments and critically evaluating the arguments of others
  • Persuasive writing – Writing essays and research papers improves your capacity for expressing and defending your own views in writing
  • Persuasive speaking – Giving presentations and engaging with your peers in the classroom refines your public speaking skills and rhetorical strategies
  • Leadership – Planning a research project and leading a group discussion prepares you to take ownership of your views and help others to realize the strengths of their own views

 Career options by sector

Beyond UofSC, our philosophy graduates find careers in a variety of fields.  The skills a philosophy major acquires form the basis of highly-prized job roles such as:

  • Researcher
  • Grant developer
  • Intelligence research specialist
  • Investment broker
  • Management analyst
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Lawyer
  • Technical writer
  • Grant developer
  • Philosophy instructor
  • Public information specialist
  • Consumer protection agent
  • Diplomat
  • Medical ethicist
  • Policy and planning consultant
  • Administrator
  • Bank officer
  • Development manager