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Tan Ye

Title: Professor
Confucius Institute Director
Department: Languages, Literatures and Cultures
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: J. Welsh Humanities Bldg, 607
Resources: Curriculum Viate [pdf]
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Dr. Tan Ye is Professor of Comparative Theater, the Director of the Confucius Institute, the Director of the Chinese Program at the University of South Carolina, and the President of the Chinese Teachers’ Association in Southeast America. Dr. Ye joined the University of South Carolina in 1992 after teaching at Washington University and Vassar College. His area of specialization is Chinese cinema, theater, and comparative theater. He is a visiting scholar at the Beijing Film Academy, the China Film Archive, and the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. His publications include the Books, Common Dramatic Codes in Yuan and Elizabethan Theaters (1997), Theory and Practice of Screenwriting in China and America (co-edited with Li Jin, 2008), Historical Dictionary of Chinese Theater (2009), Chinese Theater A-Z (2010), and Historical Dictionary of Chinese Cinema (2013). He has written more than 100 essays and book chapters on Chinese cinema, theater, and culture, including “Film: China,” in The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World. As art and screenplay consultant, translator, or assistant director, Dr. Ye has been evolved in the making of nine Chinese feature and documentary films. In the meantime, he has served in more than ten organizing committees for Chinese film festivals and conferences, including “Chinese Films in the US since 1979” (2010, conference chair), “Documenting China” (2011, conference chair), and “Chinese Women Filmmakers” (2012, conference chair). Because of his studies in Chinese and American Cultures, Dr. Ye was invited to be the Columnist of Culture by the China Branch of Voice of America between 1999 and 2003.