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Tammi Richardson

Title: Professor
Associate Chair
Department: Biological Sciences: Earth, Ocean and Environment
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-2269
Office: PSC, Room 513
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment
Department of Biological Sciences
Tammi Richardson


  • Marine Ecology and Evolution
  • Oceanography


I study phytoplankton...the microscopic algae that give the ocean its greenish color and that photosynthesize, removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Specifically I'm interested in how light, nutrients, and temperature influence phytoplankton growth and taxonomic composition, including the development of "red tides" (harmful algal blooms).


Goldman, E.A., E.M. Smith and T.L. Richardson. In press. Estimation of chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) and photosynthetic activity of estuarine phytoplankton using a multiple-fixed-wavelength spectral fluorometer. Water Research. Accepted 14 December 2012.

Lawrenz, E., E.M. Smith and T.L. Richardson. 2012. Spectral irradiance, phytoplankton community composition, and primary productivity in a salt marsh estuary, North Inlet, South Carolina, USA. Estuaries and Coasts DOI 10.1007/s12237-012-9567-y.  

Bruckman, L.S., Richardson, T.L., Swanstrom, J.A., Donaldson, K.A., Allora, Jr., M., Shaw, T.J., and Myrick, M.L. (2012) Linear discriminant analysis of single-cell fluorescence excitation spectra of five phytoplankton species.  Applied Spectroscopy 66(1):60-65. 

Lawrenz, E., Fedewa, E.J., and Richardson, T.L. (2011) Extraction protocols for the quantification of phycobilins in aqueous phytoplankton extracts.  Journal of Applied Phycology 23(5):865-871.

Lawrenz, E. and Richardson, T.L. (2011)  How does the species used for calibration affect chlorophyll a measurements by in situ fluorometry? Estuaries and Coasts 34(4):872-883.

Lawrenz, E., Pinckney, J.L., Ranhofer, M.L., MacIntyre, H.L., and Richardson, T.L. (2010) Spectral irradiance and phytoplankton community composition in a blackwater-dominated estuary, Winyah Bay, SC, USA. Estuaries and Coasts 33(5):1186-1201.

Richardson, T.L., Lawrenz, E., Pinckney, J.L., Guajardo, R.C., Walker, E.A., Paerl, H.W., and MacIntyre, H.L. (2010) Spectral fluorometric characterization of phytoplankton community composition using the Algae Online Analyzer. Water Research 44:2461-2472.

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