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College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty and Staff

Varsha Kulkarni

Title: Professor
Department: Physics and Astronomy
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-6293
Office: Jones, Room 505

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Research Areas:

Galaxies and Intergalactic Medium
Cosmic Chemical Evolution
Dust in Nearby and Distant Galaxies
Atomic Physics for Astrophysical Spectroscopy

Selected Recent Publications involving U of SC Students:

Early metal enrichment of gas-rich galaxies at z ˜ 5, Poudel, Kulkarni, Morrison, Péroux, Som, Rahmani, & Quiret 2018, MNRAS, 473, 3559

Atomic Data Revisions for Transitions Relevant to Observations of Interstellar, Circumgalactic, and Intergalactic Matter, Cashman, Kulkarni, Kisielius, Ferland, & Bogdanovich 2017, ApJS, 230, 8

Probing the interstellar dust in galaxies over >10 Gyr of cosmic history, Kulkarni, Aller, York, Welty, Vladilo, & Som 2016, Planetary & Space Science, 133, 7 (invited review)

Element Abundances in a Gas-rich Galaxy at z = 5: Clues to the Early Chemical Enrichment of Galaxies, Morrison, Kulkarni, Som, DeMarcy, Quiret, & Péroux 2016, ApJ, 830, 158

Keck and VLT Observations of Super-Damped Lyman-Alpha Absorbers at z 2- 2.5: Constraints on Chemical Compositions and Physical Conditions, Kulkarni, Som, Morrison, Péroux, Quiret, & York 2015, ApJ, 815, 24