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Amanda J. Fairchild

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-5756
Office: Barnwell, 525
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Department of Psychology


Dr. Fairchild joined the Department of Psychology in fall 2008, after graduating from Arizona State University in 2008 with a PhD in Quantitative Psychology. Dr. Fairchild's primary research foci involve statistical mediation analysis and how this area of methodology can enhance the science of prevention, particularly for developmental trajectories of substance use and other health outcomes.


Dr. Fairchild’s most recent research stems from her role as PI on an R01 grant awarded from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, “Mediation in Survival and Onset-to-Growth Models Applied to Youth Substance Onset.” This grant focuses on developing methodology for studying developmental pathways leading to onset of health-related outcomes over time. In particular, the project aims to study statistical mediation analysis with discrete-time survival outcomes and onset-to-growth models via statistical simulation work and application to real data.

In addition to her primary research in methodology, Dr. Fairchild also collaborates with several colleagues on substantive research projects. This substantive work covers a variety of domains including prevention of child maltreatment, behavioral neuroscience research in HIV-AIDS and addiction, as well as work with special populations such as Fragile X. These endeavors have manifested in a variety of NIH-funded projects.

Representative Publications

* indicates student co-author

*Santoso, A. & Fairchild, A.J. (2016). Mediation analysis using quantile regression. Multivariate Behavioral Research. Under review.

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