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Megan Biondi

Title: Instructor of Italian
Department: Language, Literature and Cultures
College of Arts and Sciences
Resources: Department of Language, Literature and Cultures


Megan Biondi holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Denver and a Master of Arts degree in Italian Studies from Middlebury College, where she specialized in Italian cultural studies. She travelled extensively in Italy throughout both her undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including having completed coursework at the University of Florence during her master’s program.

She is now completing her Doctor of Modern Languages degree in Italian and Spanish at Middlebury College. The coursework in this degree program is comprised of intensive immersion courses in the linguistics, literature and pedagogy of both languages. She has selected a unique and innovative research path for her dissertation which involves the analysis of the role and importance of the orchestra in 19th century Italian melodrama, as well as the development of pure instrumental music in Italy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, drawing comparisons between 19th and 20th century Italian literature and literary movements, and the instrumental and vocal music of the corresponding periods.

She has been teaching first, second and third year Italian courses at the University of South Carolina since Fall of 2013.