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Department of Mathematics

Our Alumni

Here you can see what some of our undergraduate mathematics alumni have been up to since they graduated!  Do you have information about our alumni that you think we should share?  Please contact the undergraduate chair or undergraduate administrator.

  • Connor Bain (2015)
  • Reggie Bain (2012)
  • Jason Burns (1999)
  • Matt Elder (2006)
  • Daniel Grier (2013)
  • Noemi Glaeser (2019)
  • Tyler Hernandez (2016)
  • Anna Kirkpatrick (2015)
  • Joseph Montoya (2011)
  • Robin Neumayer (2012)
  • Hilde Oliver (2015)
  • Jason Owens (2006)
  • Christopher Poirel (2010)
  • Bradley Setzler (2010)
  • Cole Franks (2013)
  • Connor Bain (2014)
  • Reggie Bain (2011)
  • Ben Cohen (1996)
  • Matt Elder (2004)
  • Erin Filkinger (2001)
  • Brandon Fornwalt (2001)
  • Cole Franks (2012)
  • Noemi Glasser (2018, Honorable Mention)
  • Daniel Grier (2012)
  • Hudson Harper (2009)
  • William Kay (2008)
  • Jason Owens (2004)
  • Tyler Ray (2007)
  • Katie Spurrier (Quertermous) (2002)
  • Amanda Colson (2009)
  • Ashleigh Enlow (2005)
  • DeVita Lane (2005)
  • Andy McNeice (2007)
  • Madison Miller (2011)
  • Andrea Moore (2010)
  • Alison Wellings (2006)
  • Lauren Seidl (2019)
Conner Bain 2015 Northwestern University Education and Social Policy
Reggie Bain 2012 Duke University Physics
Eric Bringley 2016 Cambridge Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Sara Carota 2016 University of Cincinnati Education/Curriculum and Instruction
John Caughman 2017 UNC-Chapel Hill Applied Mathematics
Jeffrey Davis 2016 Emory Mathematics
Maxwell Forst 2016 Claremont Graduate University Mathematics
Cole Franks 2013 Rutgers Mathematics
David Galban 2016 University of Georgia -
Daniel Grier 2013 MIT Computer Science
Noemi Glaeser 2019 Univ of Maryland-College Park Computer Science
Timothy Harper 2011 Northeastern University Education
Reid Harris 2014 University of Chicago Mathematics
James Hepburn 2018 UNC-Chapel Hill Russian or East European Area Studies
Tyler Hernandez 2015 Stanford Chemistry
Blakeley Hoffman 2017 MIT Media Labs
Le Kang 2011 Columbia Business
Bill Kay 2009 Emory Computer Science and Mathematics
Anna Kirkpatrick 2015 Georgia Tech Mathematics
Caleb Kisby 2018 Indiana University at Bloomington Informatics, Computing and Engineering
Matthew Madison 2009 University of Georgia Quantitative Methodology
Matt McGee 2019 Penn State Informatics/Social Data Analytics
Jim Manning 2011 University of Virginia Law School
William Molyneaux 2017 University of South Carolina Statistics
Joseph Montoya 2011 Stanford Chemical Engineering
Robin Neumayer 2012 University of Texas at Austin Mathematics
Hilde Oliver 2014 University of Georgia Geosciences-Biological Oceanography
Chris Poirel 2008 Virginia Tech Computer Science
Dillon Rutland 2016 Medical University of South Carolina Medical School
Jaenelle Scheper 2015 University of South Carolina Post BS Certificate in Statistics
Sterling Swygert 2014 UNC-Chapel Hill Mathematics
Emily Theus 2015 Yale Divinity School Theology
Richard Voepel 2012 Rutgers Mathematics
Name Year Graduated from UofSC University Area
Name School Year (Summer)
Conner Bain Harvard and Duke - -
John Caughman Ohio State University - -
Thomas Elgin Michigan State University 2018
Dylan Fillmore Boise State - -
Noemi Glaeser Temple University 2016
Hudson Harper - -
Blakeley Hoffman Washington University in St. Louis and Berkeley 2015 and 2016
Jim Manning University of Illinois and Rutgers (DIMACS) 2009 and 2010
Jackson Maris UNC Wilmington 2018
Robin Neumayer UNC Asheville and Cornell -
William Tierney Penn State - -
Name City/Country Semester
Thomas Elgin Budapest, Hungary Spring 2019
David Galban Paris, France Spring 2014
Hudson Harper Budapest, Hungary -
James Hepburn Budapest, Hungary Spring 2017
Jim Manning Canterbury, England Fall 2010
Jackson Maris Greece Spring 2019
Julia Sultz Madrid, Spain Spring 2019
John Wacker Madrid, Spain Spring 2018
Xiaoye Ye London, England Fall 2018
Name Position School/Company
Jeffrey Arredondo Engineer GE Digital
Melissa Atkins Strategy Analyst Wells Faro Securities
Alexander Auerback Manager DeaCloud
Matthew Corley Cloud Architect Deloitte
Andrew Cron VP 84.51 degree
Cole Franks Postdoc MIT
Alexander Gutierrez Manager Data Quality Assurance at Siemens
Carsyn Hager Actuarial Senior Analyst Cigna-HealthSpring
Hudson Harper Mathematics Teacher, Assistant Department Head and Dorm Head Loomis Chaffee School
Chris Huiett ORSA Sawdey Solution Services
Daniel Imholz Senior Analyst Kroll Bond Rating Agency
Bill Kay Visiting Assistant Professor Emory University
Joshua King Director of Marketing Science Domino's
Matthew Madison Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Clemson University
Andrew Mamroth Mathematician and Data Scientist NSWC Philadelphia Division
Jim Manning Litigation Associate (Lawyer) Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Joseph Montoya Research Scientist Toyota Research Institute
Taylor Munroe Actuarial Associate Brighthouse Financial
Chris Poirel Principal Data Scientist Forcepoint in Baltimore, MD
Adam Patterson Senior Operations Research Analyst MITRE Corporation
Kimberly Selsor Advanced Analytics Specialist Vanguard in Philadelphia, PA
Holly Watson HBL Operations Support Manager Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
Jennifer Wise Mathematics Teacher Richland 1 Hand Middle School
Name Period
Abraham Khan Summer-Fall 2017
Alexander Kirby Summer-Fall 2017
Andrew Mamroth Summer-Fall 2009
Andrew Svenson Summer-Fall 2012
Anna Kirkpatrick  Spring 2012
Ashley Nunnally Spring 2014
Bradley Setzler Spring 2009
Caleb Kisby Spring 2017
Catherine Hardin Spring 2012
Christopher Poirel Spring 2009
Connor Bain Summer-Fall 2013
David Galban Spring 2015
David Newsome Summer-Fall 2017
Dillon Rutland Spring 2015
Emily Theus Spring 2014
Erin Kalb Summer-Fall 2017
Hilde Oliver Summer-Fall 2012
Izlen Peksenar Spring 2018
John Caughman Spring 2015
Joshua King Spring 2011
Katherine Driscoll Summer-Fall 2014
Kyle Lackey Spring 2014
Matthew Corley Spring 2014
Nicholas J. Smith Summer-Fall 2011
Nick Weidner Summer-Fall 2015
Noemi Glaeser Spring 2017
Quentin Bain Summer-Fall 2017
Ronald Herrygers Spring 2017
Stefan Singer Summer-Fall 2012
Stuart Hodge Spring 2018
Tanner Pearson  Summer-Fall 2014
Taryn Moyer Spring 2019
Timothy Harper Spring 2008
Wiilliam Kay Spring 2009
William Edwards Summer-Fall 2018



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