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Linguistics Program

Past Dissertations

Name and Dissertation Title Keywords
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Jenna Steiner (2019) Acquisition of the English Copula by Arabic Speaking EFL Learners: Evidence for Feature Reassembly SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Joe LeTexier (2019) The Interaction of Working Memory and the Acquisition of Polysemous L2 Spanish Vocabulary under Schema-based and Definition-based Instructional Treatments SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Jefferson Maia (2018) Towards a Typographical Linguistics: The Semantics-Pragmatics of Typographic Emphasis in Discourse Formal Linguistics, Semantics, Pragmatics
Alisha Biler (2018) The Role of Cohesion in Second language Reading Comprehension SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Christopher Farina (2017) Adult L2 Processing and Acquisition of the English Present Perfect SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Wei Cheng (2016) Implicit causality and consequentiality in native and nonnative reference resolution  Psycholinguistics, Cognitive, Formal Linguistics SLA,Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Shinichi Shoji (2016) The Repeated Name Penalty and the Overt Pronoun Penalty in Japanese  Psycholinguistics, Cognitive, Formal Linguistics
Burcu Gokoz Kurt (2016) Attention Control and the Effects of Online Training in Improving Connected Speech Perception by English as a Second Language Learners SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Paul Reed (2016) Sounding Appalachian: /aI/ Monophthongization, Rising Pitch Accents, and Rootedness  Social, Cultural, Historical
Raed Alguthami (2016) Visual Word Recognition by Arab ESL Learners: Phonological versus orthographic consonantal influence on vowels Psycholinguistics, Cognitive, Formal Linguistics
Sandra Keller (2016) Defining and Displaying Gallo: Language and Ideology in Upper Brittany, France Social, Cultural
Julia McKinney (2016) Aging, Discourse, and Ideology Social, Cultural
Sara Lide (2014) Southern Language, Ideology, and Identity in a High School Sorority Social, Cultural
Aubrey Dillard Phillips (2014) Non-Native Speaker Attentional Capacity and the Processing of English Phrasal Verb Constructions SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Thor Sawin (2013) Second Language Learnerhood among Cross-Cultural Workers Social, Cultural
Marc Canner (2013) Working Memory-Learning Condition Interactions: Proficiency in L2 Russian under Naturalistic and Formal Learning Conditions SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Anna Mikhaylova (2012) (In)complete Acquisition of Aspect in Second Language and Heritage Russian Cognitive, SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Eun Hee Lee (2012) Spanish-Speaking Learners’ Acquisition of English VPE and Wh- Extraction out of VPE Psycholinguistics, Cognitive
Eun Young Shin (2012) The Availability of Semantic and Syntactic Information and their Use as a Structural Predictor in the real-time processing of L1 and L2 Korean Semantics, SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL, Syntax
Fan Zhu (2012) Interlanguage Pragmatics: Invitation Responses by Advanced Chinese Learners of English Pragmatics, SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Sherry Warren (2012) Establishing a Unified Model of Academic Literacy and a Method for Measuring Academic Readiness SLA, Second Language Acquisition, TESOL
Stephen Mann (2011) Gay American English: Language attitudes, language perceptions, and gay men's discourses of connectedness to family, LGBTQ networks, and the American South Social, Cultural
Carlos Gelormini-Lezama (2010) Repeated Names, Overt Pronouns, and Null Pronouns in Spanish Cognitive, Formal Linguistics
Changyong Liao (2009) Processing of Underlying and Surface Phonological Representations in Visual Word Recognition Psycholinguistics, Cognitive
Cintia Widmann (2009) Morphological Segmentation During Silent Reading Psycholinguistics, Cognitive
Loralee Donath (2008) Constellations of Identity in the Universe of Engineering: Emergent Social Memberships in the Discourse of an Undergraduate Community of Practice Social, Cultural
Lan Zhang (2007) The Two positions of Chinese Relative Clauses Psycholinguistics, Cognitive, Formal Linguistics

Craig Joseph Callender (2006) Gemination in West Germanic

Historical Linguistics, Germanic Linguistics, Phonology

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