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Linguistics Program


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Raed Alguthami
Visual Word Recognition by Arab ESL Learners: Phonological versus orthographic consonantal influence on vowels / Dr. Robin Morris N/A
Wei Cheng
Implicit causality and consequentiality in native and nonnative reference resolution / Dr. Amit Almor Assistant Professor, Jinan University in Guangzhou
Burcu Gökgöz Kurt
Attention Control and the Effects of Online Training in Improving Connected Speech Perception by English as a Second Language Learners / Dr. Eric Holt and Dr. Mila Tasseva N/A
Sandra Keller
Defining and Displaying Gallo: Language and Ideology in Upper Brittany, France / Dr. Elaine Chun French Lecturer, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures, Illinois State University
Julia McKinney
Aging, Discourse, and Ideology / Dr. Elaine Chun Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina
Paul Reed
Sounding Appalachian: /aI/ Monophthongization, Rising Pitch Accents, and Rootedness / Dr. Tracey Weldon Post-doctoral Researcher, Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of South Carolina
Shinichi Shoji
The Repeated Name Penalty and the Overt Pronoun Penalty in Japanese / Dr. Stanley Dubinsky and Dr. Amit Almor Lecturer, of Japanese, Clemson University
Sara Lide
Southern Language, Ideology, and Identity in a High School Sorority / Dr. Elaine Chun Sellars, Cole and Bachkosky
Aubrey Phillips
Non-native Speaker Attentional Capacity and the Processing of English Phrasal Verb Constructions / Dr. Nina Moreno  
Marc Canner
Working Memory-Learning Condition Interactions: Proficiency in L2 Russian under Naturalistic and Formal Learning Conditions / Dr. Paul Malovrh Professor of Intercultural Studies, MBI Spokane, WA; Executive Director of the Institute of Strategic Languages & Cultures, Spokane, WA
Thor Sawin
Second language learnerhood among cross-cultural field workers / Dr. Jennifer Reynolds Asistant Professor, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Zhu Fan
Interlanguage Pragmatics: Invitation Responses by Advanced Chinese Learners of English / Dr. Anne Bezuidenhout English-Chinese Translator at a private company
Eun Hee Lee
Spanish-speaking learners’ acquisition of English VPE and Wh- Extraction out of VPE / Dr. Anne Bezuidenhout and Dr. Robin Morris Instructor of Korean at the Extended University, USC
Anna Mikhaylova
(In)complete acquisition of aspect in second language and heritage Russian / Dr. Stanley Dubinsky and Dr. Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva Assistant Professor of Second Language Teaching and Acquisition, Linguistics Department, University of Oregon
Eun Young Shin
The Availability of Semantic and Syntactic Information and their Use as a Structural Predictor in the real-time processing of L1 and L2 Korean / Dr. Robin Morris and Dr. Anne Bezuidenhout Assistant professor, English Language Education Department at Suncheon National University
Sherry Warren
Establishing a unified model of academic literacy and a method for measuring academic readiness / Dr. Nina Moreno and Dr. Alexandra Rowe Writing Grammar Coordinator, English Programs for Internationals
Stephen Mann
Gay American English: Language Attitudes, Language Perceptions, and Gay Men’s Discourses of Connectedness to Family, LGBTQ Networks, and the American South / Dr. Tracey Weldon Assistant Professor of Linguistics, English Department, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Carlos Gelormini-Lezama
Repeated Names, Overt Pronouns, and Null Pronouns in Spanish / Dr. Amit Almor Postdoctoral Researcher of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Changyong Liao
Processing of Underlying and Surface Phonological Representations in Visual Word Recognition / Dr. Robin Morris Chinese instructor at Ben Lippen School
Cintia Widmann
Morphological Segmentation During Silent Reading / Dr. Robin Morris Instructor of English, at the University of Helsinki, Finland
Loralee Donath
Constellations of Identity in the Universe of Engineering: Emergent Social Memberships in the Discourse of an Undergraduate Community of Practice
 / Dr. Jennifer Reynolds and Dr. Tracey Weldon Adjunct Professor, Anthropology Department and Linguistics Program, University of South Carolina
Butsakorn Yodkamlue
Online Texts of Non-Native Speakers in an L2 Electronic Discussion Forum: An Analysis of Social Presence and Cognitive Presence / Dr. Alexandra Rowe Assistant Professor, School of English, Institute of Social Technology, Suranaree Institute of Technology, Thailand
Robert Moonan 
A Cultural Script Analysis of an English-Thai Bilingual Speaker's Nominative Usage of Mommy in English yes/no Question Formation / Dr. Anne Bezuidenhout Foreign Languages Coordinator, Midlands Technical College, Columbia, SC
Lan Zhang
The Two Positions of Chinese Relative Clauses / Dr. Stanley Dubinsky Associate Professor of Chinese, Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Memphis
Carla Breidenbach
Deconstructing Mock Spanish: A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Mock Spanish as Racism, Humor, or Insult / Dr. Janina Fenigsen Assistant Professor, Spanish Department, College of Charleston
Craig Callender
A Consonant Strength and Length Analysis of West Germanic Gemination / Dr. Kurt Goblirsch Associate Professor, English & Rhetoric, Georgia College and State University
Mila Tasseva-Kurkchieva
Continuity Hypotheses Revisited: English L2 Acquisition of Bulgarian Noun Phrases / Dr. Stanley Dubinsky Research Associate Professor and Director, Linguistics Program, USC
Theresa McGarry 
Speaking of topic introductions in the ladies auxiliary: A single-gender and mixed-gender comparative analysis / Dr. Laura Ahearn Associate Professor, East Tennessee State University Dept. of Literature and Language
Matthew Ciscel 
Language and indentity: L2 acquisition in Post-Soviet Moldova / Dr. Laura Ahearn Professor, Department of English, Central Connecticut State University
Larry LaFond 
The pro-drop parameter in second language acquisition revisited: A developmental account / Dr. Eric Holt Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Eunita D.A. Ochola 
A sociopragmatic approach to the use of meta-discourse features in effective non-native and native speaker composition writing / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics, Coppin State University, MD
Elena Schmitt 
Beneath the surface: Signs of language attrition in immigrant children from Russia / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Professor of TESOL and Foreign Language Certification, Department Chair, Department of World Languages and Literatures, Southern Connecticut State University
Cathleen Bridgeman 
What kind of peace is this? Metaphor in the U.S. press coverage of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations / Dr. Anne Bezuidenhout Assistant Director, Center for Learning and Teaching, Addler School of Professional Psychology
Steven Gross
The role of abstract lexical structure in first language attrition: Germans in America
 / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton [b.1951- d. 2008] Position at the time of death: Associate Professor, English Department, East Tennessee State University
Richard Hallett 
Simplified input: An investigation of foreigner talk/teacher talk on comprehension and vocabulary acquisition / Dr. Bruce L. Pearson Associate Professor, Northeastern Illinois University, Department of Linguistics
Rebecca Sue Jenkins 
Language contact and composite structures in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea / Carol Myers-Scotton Linguistic consultant/trainer, Gateway Partners International, Asia
Chang-Kyum Kim 
Phonological processes in English and Korean: Direct optimality theory approach / Dr. Bruce L Pearson Lecturer, English Language & Literature, UIDUK University, Kyongju, Korea
Melanie Moll 
Negotiating power in business meetings / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Lecturer, Europäische Fernhochschule Hamburg, Department of International Studies
Mary Sue Sroda 
Relevance theory and the markedness model in SLA: Cognitive approaches to pragmatics and second language acquisition / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Asst. Professor and TESOL Program Director, Department of English and Philosophy, Murray State University (KY)
Agnes Bolonyai 
The hidden dimensions of language contact: The case of Hungarian-English bilingual children  / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Asst. Professor, English Department, North Carolina State University
Maha Okasha 
Structural constraints on Arabic/English codeswitching: Two generations / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton  
Sonja Launspach 
Interactional strategies in the role of questions in the acquisition of academic discourse  / Dr. Anne Bezuidenhout Asst. Professor, Department of English & Philosophy, Idaho State University
David Reid 
The acquisition of narrative syntax  / Dr. Anne Bezuidenhout Instructor, English Department, Xavier University, Cincinnati
Paola Sarullo 
The linguistic situation in Valle D'Aosta: A study on the function and the structure of codeswitching and convergence between Italian and French / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton  
Masako Dorrill 
Disagreement in Japanese: Three case studies  / Dr. Gretta D Little Instructor, Languages and Cultures, Loyola University New Orleans
Janet Fuller 
Pennsylvania Dutch with a Southern touch: A theoretical model of language contact and change  / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Professor of Anthropology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Elaine Griffin 
(In)definiteness and monovalent verbs in Spanish / Dr. Stanley Dubinsky Assoc. Professor, Spanish Department, College of Charleston
Robert Hamilton 
Underdetermined binding: An HPSG binding theory and experimental study of adult Japanese learners of English as a second language / Dr. Stanley Dubinsky and Dr. Vernon Bauer PhD student, Philosophy Department, University of South Carolina
Ho Han
Development of functional categories in child Korean  / Dr. A Rene Schmauder Professor, Ajou University Coordinator of Ajou-Wisconsin TESOL
Dong Han Lee 
 Acquisition of dative alternation in English by second language learners  / Dr. Bruce L Pearson Asst. Professor, English Department, Pusan National University of Education
Catherine Churlik Barrows 
Discourse rhythm in overlapping utterances / Dr. Charles Goodwin Coordinator, Educational Technology, Lake-Sumter Community College (Leesburg, FL)
Yuriko Kite 
Japanese/English codeswitching: The structure of codeswitching as an unmarked choice and its relation to language proficiency / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Professor, Division of International Affairs, Kansai University
Wei Longxing
Variation in the acquisition of morpheme types in the interlanguage of Chinese and Japanese learners of English as a second language / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Professor, Department of Linguistics, Montclair State University (NJ)
Carolyn H. Reeves 
Prosodic organization and auditory memory / Dr. A Rene Schmauder Research associate, Eye Movement and Cognitive Processes Laboratory, University of South Carolina
Louise Beaulieu 
The social function of linguistic variation: A sociolinguistic study in four rural communities of the northeastern coast of New Brunswick / Dr. Michael Montgomery Professeure titulaire, Linguistique/Français, Arts et Humanités, Université de Moncton-Shippagan
Margaret Mishoe 
Dialect codeswitching among lower socioeconomic white speakers in the southern United States: A sociolinguistic study / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Assistant Professor of Humanities: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona, FL
Bernadette Njeuma 
Structural similarities between Sierra Leone Krio and two West African Anglophone pidgins: A case for common origin / Dr. Bruce L Pearson
Silvester Ron Simango 
The syntax of Bantu double object constructions / Dr. Stanley Dubinsky Associate Professor and Head of Department, Department of English Language and Linguistics, Rhodes University, South Africa
Kenneth Andrews 
Shawnee grammar / Dr. Bruce L Pearson Associate Professor of English, Lane College, Jackson, TN
Devin Brown 
Re-inventing a new wheel: An ethnographic study of a pilot K-8 summer English program / Dr. Bruce L Pearson and Dr. Alexander Rowe Professor, English Department, Asbury University (KY)
Yoko Ueda 
The English-to-Japanese machine translation for studying how to use Japanese particles wa and ga / Dr. Robert L. Oakman  
Chen Long
Constraints on the acquisition of anaphora in adult English as a second language: A developmental model (adult education) / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton  
Miriam Moore 
Second language acquisition of lexically constrained transitivity alternations: Acquisition of the causative alternation by second language learners of English / Dr. A Rene Schmauder and Dr. Stanley Dubinsky Professor of English/ESL and QEP Director, Lord Fairfax Community College, VA
Gertrude Morris 
Novice ESL writing in six public school students / Dr. Greta D. Little ESOL Consultant; (retired) Berkeley County School District (SC)
Amoena Norcross 
Noun incorporation in Shawnee / Dr. Bruce L Pearson Instructor, English Department/Advanced Technological Education, Tri-County Technical College (SC)
Rasul Penjwini 
Teaching second-language phonology: A comparative study of form-rules and content-meaning techniques / Dr. Gretta D. Little Assoc. Professor, Foreign Language Center, Defense Language Institute, Monterrey
Alex K. Dzameshie 
Motivations for the use of politeness strategies in Christian sermonic discourse / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Senior Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, University of Ghana
Chuen-Teng Huang 
Topic-prominence and morphosyntactic parameter in Chinese / Dr. Simon Belasco Professor, Department of English, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan
Trevor Howard James 
Facework, power displays, and transaction activities in a public service encounter / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton  
Nancy Mace Kreml 
Relevance, textual unity, and politeness in writing about science / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton Chair, Humanities Department and ESL Department (retired), Midlands Technical College, Columbia, SC
Nadia Abdelgalil Shalaby 
Assertion of power: A sociolinguistic analysis of "Death of a salesman", "The caretaker" and "Look back in anger" (Miller Arthur, Osborne John, Pinter Harold) / Dr. Carol Myers-Scotton  
Iris Thompson Chapman 
A qualitative analysis of selected black male students interfacing with writing literacy (basic skills) /  
Alexandra Rowe
The interaction of first and second language composing: Processes and rhetorics / Director, English Programs for Internationals, USC
Katherine Wyly Mile 
A historical analysis of tense-mood-aspect in Gullah Creole: A case of stable variation / English, Humanities Department, Midlands Technical College, Columbia, SC
William Lindsay Hislop
The relative clause in college freshman writing: A quantitative developmental study / Director of Graduate TEFL Program, Columbia International University, Columbia, SC
Adrienne Lee  Chingkwei 
Information structure in planned, written and unplanned, spoken discourse  / Dr. Michael Montgomery Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Chung-Hsiung University, Taichung, Taiwanes and Literatures, National Chung-Hsiung University, Taichung, Taiwan
Muhammad Attia Hasan Elshershabi 
Substitution and lexical cohesion in the editorial argumentative discourse of Arabic and American English / Dr. Michael Montgomery  
P. Bhaskaran Nayar 
Communication strategies in ESL  / Dr. Greta Little Department of Communication, University of Lincoln, England (retired), currently holding loose affiliation with the Lincoln University
Stephen J. Nagle 
Inferential change and syntactic modality in English  / Director/Professor of English, International Programs, Coastal Carolina University (SC)
Barbara Denise Sherrill 
Non-errors of the third kind? An investigation of interlanguage production by L2, L3, and L4 learners of Italian /  
Raafat Sarkis  Antonious 
 An integrated basic Maritime English course based on the findings and implications of a detailed text-analysis of a corpus of Maritime English written discourse / Dr. Michael Montgomery  
Linda Laube (Barnes) 
Communicative competence in the composition classroom: A discourse analysis (revision, teacher comments) / Associate Professor of Languages, Zayed University, Dubai
Annie  Dumenil 
A rule-account of metathesis in Gascon  / Assistant Professor, Department of French & Classics (consulting faculty in Linguistics Program), University of South Carolina (retired May 2012)
George T. Dorrill 
Black and White speech in the South: Evidence from the linguistic atlas of the Middle and South Atlantic State / Assoc. Professor in the Department of English, Southeastern Louisiana University
Bettie Rose Horne 
Decision Making in a Women’s Small Group / Dr.Greta Little Vice Chair of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
John Michael Witkoski 
The game of style: Linguistics and rhetoric in a study of the prose styles of Lyly, Lodge and Nashe /  
Lynette Kuran Varn 
The might in Marlowe's line: A linguistic examination / Department of English, Belmont Abbey College
Sara L. Sanders 
Negotiating understanding in the ESL oral proficiency interview  / Professor of English and Director of the Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values, Coastal Carolina University
Edward Vance  Truesdale, Jr. 
A psycholinguistic study of noun-verb relationships in experiential-verb English sentences /  
Willease Story Sanders 
Selected grammatical features of the speech of Blacks in Columbia, S.C.  / [b.1938 – d.2010] Position at time of death: Director of Institutional Effectiveness; Chair, English Department, Allen University; professor emerita and former chair of English Department, Benedict University
Hugh Richard Brown 
Africanized dialogue and experience in Chinua Achebe's "Arrow of God" /  
John Rathbone Hopkins 
The White middle class speech of Savannah, Georgia: A phonological analysis /  
Julia Long Towles 
Linguistics, style, and structural coherence: With an application to Thomas Carlyle's "Sartor Resartus"  / Instructor, English and Journalism Department, Trident Technical College (SC)
Nell Marie Nixon 
Gullah and backwoods dialect in selected works by William Gilmore Simms /  
Alan Robert Slotkin 
A study of the use of dialect and diction in selected works of Stephen Crane: The language of New York city and its rural environs  / Emeritus Professor, Department of English, Tennessee Technological University