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Information Technology

Advisory Committee

The Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) is a standing committee appointed by the Dean of the College to discuss the broad range of IT issues important to the College, and to give clear and timely counsel to the dean.

To function as a major research and teaching unit, the College must attend to the design, development, and implementation, support, and management of computer-based information system, particularly software applications and computer hardware to support our key functions. Three distinct, but interrelated areas of IT are: (1) instructional, including distance learning, and web-based course support, (2) scientific computing, including computer clusters, data backup, high bandwidth networking, and research software, and (3) office, including communication, document management, desktop and desktop hardware, and network security. 
The ITAC Committee will: 

  1.  Review and evaluate technology needs of the College and identify opportunities to leverage and focus IT resources in areas of IT;
  2. Review, recommend, and formulate IT related policies, procedures, and standards;
  3. Ensure the College has an appropriate role in planning and implementing campus and system IT initiatives;
  4. Assist with communication and coordination among and between the departments and programs, the College computing centers, the Office of Research, and University Technology Services;
  5. Identify the training and staff development needed to take full advantage of IT resources.

Each spring semester the dean solicits proposals for instructional technology using E700 funds.  The primary criterion for evaluation of E700 proposals is expected instructional impact, measured by the number of students and courses affected, the prospects for continuing use of the technology, potential for inter-departmental, cost, installation and maintenance requirements, recurring costs, and the departments' ability to cost share with lab fees or other departmental resources.

The College Director of IT and the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education serve as ex-officio members. The Chair of the committee is appointed by the Dean and will host meetings several times during the year.  

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