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Each of the CAS Innovative Teaching Associates is working on a teaching project that creatively applies current research and best practices to positively transform teaching in the college. Assocates will be available to consult with colleagues interested in the materials developed. 

Immersive and Experiential Learning Through Interdisciplinary Gaming and Original Artifacts

Lana Burgess is developing content for faculty to more fully integrate the McKissick Museum in their teaching. Her first project will create a multi-unit curriculum module based on Barnard College’s “Reacting to the Past” learning games for University 101 professors with the intention of making it a one-credit hour course on the history of the African-American experience at USC. The second project will provide materials to SAEL 200 Social Advocacy and Ethical Life course instructors, including those in the Bridge Humanities Corps program, to use the museum’s exhibitions as a primary resource.

Interdisciplinary Values and Ethics in Literature Online Course

Judy Kalb is creating an online repository of video lectures by comparative literature faculty in a range of specialization areas, along with sample course materials and best-practice resources for this Carolina Core course (CPLT 150), which is also a gateway course to the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.  The resources will be available to all instructors who teach the course.

Video Games as Teaching Tools

Joseph November is developing a best-practice guide on incorporating video games into undergraduate courses, including technical and pedagogical resources and sample course materials to be tested in his “Video Games in History” (HIST 314) course.

Active Learning in Marine Science

Tammi Richardson is integrating hands-on learning activities into Biological Oceanography (MSCI 311) as part of a large-scale redesign of the Marine Science undergraduate curriculum.  Final products will include a lab manual, instructor’s manual, and pedagogical resources for instructors and TAs who teach the course.

Survey of Innovative Teaching Practices and Interests

Ronda Sanders is conducting surveys, interviews, and focus groups with CAS faculty to learn about creative teaching approaches already in use in the college, and to find out what new ideas and practices faculty are interested in trying.  Results will be used to foster communication among faculty with similar interests and to guide future Incubator programming.

Innovations in Study Abroad and Service Learning

Minuette Floyd is studying the logistics of incorporating service learning pedagogies into study abroad programs and designing a new course for arts teachers  (music, dance, theatre, and visual arts) that includes a local service-learning component.

Experiential and Distributed Learning at USC

Hayden Smith is surveying programs and key faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences in order to assess departments and opportunities in which experiential learning would be most effective. He will examine key barriers and challenges to experiential learning, issuing a final report to the Incubator for Teaching Innovation and the Deans office.

Instructors and Active Learning in Mathematics

Sean Yee’s research and pedagogy courses indicate novice graduate student instructors (GSIs) are reluctant to implement active learning because of time limitations and effort required to think through how and when to implement active learning. He is exploring implementing prepared active-learning pre-calculus lesson plans with novice GSIs to aid in engaging undergraduate students.


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