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Co-Curricular Events

Theme Semester: Justice 

Theme Semester includes events throughout the semester to spark discussion about many facets of justice. Most events are presented in an entirely virtual format.

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Co-Curricular Programming Award Recipients

The following faculty members were given support to develop programming and events for Theme Semester 2020.  We are excited about the ways these events will engage our campus community with issues of Justice.

Workshops will give students a chance to reflect on their own privilege, think about racial injustice, and learn how race intersects with processes of environmental change and resource use. They will develop skills for addressing injustice and building community that they can take with them as they move forward in their careers as environmental researchers and practitioners.

Jessica Barnes
School of the  Earth, Ocean and Environment

A lecture series featuring scholars who study violence, harassment, inequality, and justice. Professors Jody Clay-Warner and Justine Tinkler, both of the University of Georgia, join the proponents to discuss their research on how violence impacts well-being and reinforces social inequalities.

Kaitlin Boyle, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Laura Brashears, Sociology
Suzanne Swan, Psychology/Women’s and Gender Studies
Dawn Campbell, Women’s and Gender Studies

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th amendment, McKissick Museum has mounted an exhibition called A Woman's Right, focusing on the history of women at the University of South Carolina. During theme semester, programming on the time period from 1945 to the present will include panel discussions, a film screening, a public lecture, and a “lunch and learn,” all focusing on the injustices facing women with regards to access to education, sports, equal rights, and reproduction rights.

Lana Burgess, McKissick Museum

A conversation between two veteran Freedom Riders: Charles Person and Joan Browning, moderated by journalist Beryl Dakers and followed by an audience Q & A. The two Freedom Riders will share their experiences and reflect upon the Civil Rights Movement and its legacy more broadly.  

Bobby Donaldson, Center for Civil Rights  History and Research

Over this two-day event, a Guerrilla Girl will give a hands-on activist workshop as well as a public presentation followed by a Q&A and meet and greet at the Columbia Museum of Art, a co-sponsor of this event. A concurrent Guerrilla Girl exhibition on women, power, and justice in the arts is scheduled for November 24 – January 7 at McMaster Gallery.

Laura Kissel, SVAD

Dr. Field, an expert on election mapping, will offer a timely and helpful perspective on how journalists, pundits, and politicians represent electoral results, and how election maps can obscure inequities in the electoral system (including those created by gerrymandering).

Caroline Nagel, Geography

Wallace's talk will explore the harm caused by the myth of objectivity and enable broader consideration of the role of journalism, justice, and "neutrality" in the Trump era.

Carla Pfeffer, Women’s and Gender Studies

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, this event will pay tribute to the people and culture of New Orleans, discuss race and injustice surrounding the hurricane and its aftermath, and contemplate memories of home with artist JRenee.

Kimberly Simmons, Anthropology, African American  Studies, and Institute for African American  Research

Lecture by one of the world's leading expert in the mathematics of gerrymandering. 

Frank Thorne, Math 



Upcoming Fall Events

Botany Walk on the Historic Horseshoe

Tuesday, Apr. 20, 2021

Location: See event description for more details.

Cost: Free

Botany Walk on the Historic Horseshoe

Tuesday, May. 18, 2021

Location: See event description for more details.

Cost: Free

Botany Walk on the Historic Horseshoe

Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2021

Location: See event description for more details.

Cost: Free

Botany Walk on the Historic Horseshoe

Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2021

Location: See event description for more details.

Cost: Free

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