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Gamecock Teaching Days

Fall 2021: November 9-10, 2021

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce our fourth annual Gamecock Teaching Days (GTD). This popular event highlights some of the best, most creative online teaching across our college, and it is open to all faculty at the University of South Carolina.

Do you enjoy meeting colleagues to talk about teaching and learning?  Want to see different online teaching styles, instructional practices, course designs, and learn real-world practices for online course management? Then this event is for you—visit faculty with established records of innovation and excellence in online teaching!   

Join us on Zoom for 50-minute sessions with CAS faculty who will share their expertise with you through a brief tour and discussion of their online courses, followed by informal conversations.  


Sessions and Presenters: Tuesday, November 9

Amit Almor

PSYC 405: Cognitive Psychology

Tuesday, November 9 – 9:40-10:30am

Amit Almor, Psychology

PSYC 405: Cognitive Psychology – Research and theories on sensory memory, attention, short-term and working memory, human learning and forgetting, imagery, long-term memory, speech perception, reading, language, thinking and problem solving, and decision-making. 

Course Showcase: Integrating textbook-based assignments with video lectures and discussions for multiple material exposure and experiential learning.

Pat Gehrke

SPCH 145: Online Public Communication

Tuesday, November 9 – 10:50-11:40am

Pat Gehrke, English Language & Literature

SPCH 145: Online Public Communication – Introduction to theory and practice of live and recorded online spoken communication in public, social, and institutional contexts. Training in invention, performance, and critical analysis of online spoken communication, including audience analysis, persuasion, delivery, and ethical engagement. Includes significant practice in preparing and presenting live online public communication. Carolina Core: CMS, INF 

Course Showcase: Using Project-Based Learning to teach skills in asynchronous online courses.

Hayden Smith

CRJU 426: Criminal Justice and Mental Health

Tuesday, November 9 – 12:00-12:50pm

Hayden Smith, Criminology & Criminal Justice

CRJU 426: Criminal Justice and Mental Health –  Interface between the mental health sciences and the criminal justice system. 

Course Showcase: Touring Prison: Creating experiential learning opportunities through 360o videos and virtual reality.

Allana Breen

CPLT 150: Values and Ethics in Literature

Tuesday, November 9 – 1:10-2:00pm 

Alanna Breen, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

CPLT 150: Values and Ethics in Literature – Analysis of major works of world literature focusing on values, ethics, and social responsibility. Carolina Core: AIU, VSR 

Course Showcase: Collaboratively developed by multiple faculty, this asynchronous course is designed to build community and cultivate a scholarly appreciation for literature through feedback both to and among students.

Angela Nadeau

PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology

Tuesday, November 9 – 2:20-3:10pm

Angela Nadeau, Psychology

PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology – An introduction to and survey of the basic concepts and findings within the field of psychology. Carolina Core: GSS.

Course Showcase: Managing accommodations for exams and other course management tips; course tour and design; using discussions and group tools; and HIPS (Highlights in Psychology).


Sessions and Presenters: Wednesday, November 10

Andy Schumpert

BIOL 102L: General Principles of Biology II Laboratory

Wednesday, November 10 – 10:10-11:00am

Andy Schumpert, Biological Sciences

BIOL 102L: General Principles of Biology II Laboratory –  Experimental examination of structure and function of plant and animal systems, biodiversity, ecology. BIOL 101, 102, 101L and 102L must be completed prior to enrolling in 300-level or above Biology courses. Corequisite: Recommended concurrent with BIOL 102. Carolina Core: SCI 

Course Showcase: Virtual Reality in an online lab.

Valerie Pruett

THEA 230: Makeup Design for Stage and Film & THEA 200: Understanding and Appreciation of Theatre – THEA 230: Make-up Design for Theatre and Film:

Wednesday, November 10 – 11:20am-12:10pm

Valerie Pruett, Theater & Dance

THEA 230: Makeup Design for Stage and Film & THEA 200: Understanding and Appreciation of Theatre –  THEA 230: Make-up Design for Theatre and Film: Theory and practice of make-up design for theatre and film. The application of analytical and research skills in the visual development of the character. THEA 200: Understanding and Appreciation of Theatre: An introduction to the understanding and appreciation of theatrical experience. Attendance at theatrical performances required. Carolina Core: AIU 

Course Showcase: 230: Tips for teaching a studio course online and 200: Adapting and personalizing a publisher turn-key course.

Tia Anderson

CRJU 551: Adolescent Mentoring

Wednesday, November 10 – 12:30-1:20pm

Tia Anderson, Criminology & Criminal Justice

CRJU 551: Adolescent Mentoring –  Application of skills and theories of adolescent mentoring taught in the classroom to a supervised, structured mentoring field experience. Cross-listed course: WGST 551. Experiential Learning: Experiential Learning Opportunity. 

Course Showcase:  Physical distancing without social and educational disconnection: Teaching a mentoring service-learning course during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Kristin Harrell

ENGL 288: English Literature

Wednesday, November 10 – 1:40-2:30pm

Kristin Harrell, English Language & Literature

ENGL 288: English Literature –  An introduction to English literary history, emphasizing the analysis of literary texts, the development of literary traditions over time, the emergence of new genres and forms, and the writing of successful essays about literature. Designed for English majors. Prerequisites: ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 or equivalent. Carolina Core: AIU 

Course Showcase: Stages of Power: Marlowe and Shakespeare, 1592 (Reacting to the Past): Using role playing to engage students online.


Hanne van der Iest

SOCY 101: Introduction to Sociology

Wednesday, November 10 – 2:50-3:40pm

Hanne van der Iest, Sociology

SOCY 101: Introduction to Sociology –  An introduction to sociological facts and principles: an analysis of group-making processes and products. Carolina Core: GSS 

Course Showcase: Multimedia course design for online courses in Blackboard. 


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