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Scientist on Capitol Hill

Psychology professor Wilson visits Washington, D.C. to advocate for NIH funding.

Professor Wilson and SC SenatorCommitment to a cause and a passion for research drive projects forward, but support from government leaders can be the catalyst that makes research applicable and relevant to society. Earlier this fall, psychology professor Dawn Wilson met with members of Congress as the Psychologist Advocate at the Rally for Medical Research.

The goal of the rally was to improve health, spur scientific progress, inspire hope and save lives. Professor Wilson’s National Institute of Health (NIH) supported research does just that. Her program, Families Improving Together (FIT) for Weight Loss, targets overweight African American adolescents and parents with high-risk for chronic diseases due to their weight. While in Washington, D.C. for the rally, she shared her research and passion with Sen. Tim Scott, and Rep. Ralph Norman and Rep. Joe Wilson.

Professor Wilson, along with 350 advocates, pushed Congress to invest in the NIH. You can read about her trip to Washington at the American Psychology Association.