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Department of History


Ryan J. Antonucci

Title: Graduate Student
PhD in US History
Department: History
College of Arts and Sciences

Advisor: Don H. Doyle

Education: BA in History, Youngstown State University, 2011, MA in History, Youngstown State University, 2013

Bio: Ryan Antonucci is currently writing his dissertation, Building a New (Deal) Identity: The Evolution of Italian-American Political Culture, 1910–1936, which allows him to combine research interests in Italian-American history, politics and ideology, class, media, and transnational influences.  Building a New (Deal) Identity argues that diverse political ideologies circulating within the ethnic community prior to the Great Depression preconditioned Italian Americans to accept the New Deal.  This project builds from his MA thesis, Changing Perceptions of il Duce: Tracing Political Trends in the Italian-American Media during the Early Years of Fascism, and his article “Il Cittadino on Fascism: The Response of the Greater Youngstown, OH Italian-American Community to Mussolini’s Rise to Power” (Italian Americana, Summer 2016).  Antonucci’s teaching record includes World History from 1500, European Civilization from the Mid-17th Century, and US History since 1865, which he taught both in the classroom and as an online version.  He also won the University of South Carolina’s Department of History Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistantship.

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