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Global Studies


As an interdisciplinary program, the Global Studies course of study features courses offered in many different departments. 

Courses Offered

The courses offered as part of the Global Studies degree cover many different subject areas, world regions, and perspectives. The following table provides a snapshot of the breadth of the degree, organized by global issue.

Courses Offered by Type Global Health Global Conflict and Security Global Sustainability and Development Global Cultures
Anthropology  x  x  x x
Art History       x
Comparative Literature       x
English       x
Environmental Science/Health x    
Film and Media Studies       x
Foreign Culture   x x x
Geography   x x x
History    x x  
Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management      x  
Linguistics   x x x
Political Science    x  x  
Public Health x      
Religious Studies x     x
Sociology  x   x  
Social Work x      
Women's and Gender Studies x   x x

For more information on degree requirements, please visit the academic bulletin.

Global Studies