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Department of Geography


Amy Mills

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Geography
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-5688
Office: Callcott, Room 226
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Department of Geography
Amy Mills


Amy Mills completed an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and a Ph.D. in Geography at the University of Texas at Austin. After a postdoctoral fellowship year at the University of Kentucky, she joined the USC faculty in 2005. Dr. Mills is an affiliated faculty member of the Walker Institute for International Studies, the Islamic World Studies program, and the Women’s and Gender Studies program at USC.


Dr. Mills's research lies at the intersections of critical human geography, social theory, and interdisciplinary Middle Eastern studies. Her first book, Streets of Memory, relied on ethnography and studies of cultural media to explore contested memories of minority histories in a gentrified neighborhood of Istanbul. It received twenty favorable reviews, including in the New York Review of Books and in the New Republic, and won the Jane Jacobs Urban Communication Foundation Book Award. In her current research, Dr. Mills examines late Ottoman and early Turkish Republican cultural media to understand the relationships between geopolitics, nationalism, and urbanism in early twentieth-century Istanbul. Dr. Mills also conducts research on the history of geographic thought and disciplinary approaches to knowledge creation. She has collaborated in several national and international interdisciplinary projects with geographers, architectural and social historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists. Funding sources for her research include the Fulbright-Hays Foundation, the Institute of Turkish Studies, the American Research Institute in Turkey, and the University of South Carolina. Dr. Mills is on the international editorial boards of the International Journal of Middle East Studies, the Turkish Journal of Human Geography, and Fe Journal: Feminist Critique, a peer-reviewed journal at Ankara University in Turkey.


  • GEOG 210: Introduction to Human Geography
  • GEOG 226: Geography of the Middle East
  • GEOG 331: Cultural Geography
  • GEOG 721: Cultural Landscapes
  • GEOG 721: Geographies of Gender
  • GEOG 721: The City and Social Transformation in Comparative International Contexts
  • GEOG 740: Research Trends in Geography
  • GEOG 801: History of Geographic Thought
  • GEOG 810: Advanced Human Geography: Space, Place, Scale and the Interdisciplinary Spatial Turn


Representative Publications 


2014    Hafızanın Sokakları: İstanbul’da Peyzaj, Hoşgörü, ve Ulusal Kimlik. Istanbul: Koç University Press. With a new preface.

2010    Streets of Memory: Landscape, Tolerance, and National Identity in Istanbul. Athens: University of  Georgia Press. 


Refereed Articles and Chapters

2018    "Becoming Blind to the Landscape: Turkification and the Precarious National Future in Occupied Istanbul"  Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association. (forthcoming)

“The Cultural Geopolitics of Ethnic Nationalism: Turkish Urbanism in Occupied Istanbul (1918–1923)" Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 107(5): 1179–1193.

2016     Amy Mills and Timur Hammond. "The Interdisciplinary Spatial Turn and the Discipline of Geography in Middle East Studies" in: Infrastructures of Knowledge: Middle East Studies for the New Millennium (eds. S. Shami and C. Miller-Idriss) Social Science Research Council. NYU Press.

2014    "Cultures of Assemblage, Resituating Urban Theory" City. 18(6): 756–762.

2014    Amy Mills and Banu Gokarisksel. "Provincializing Geographies of Religion: Muslim Identities Beyond the 'West'" Geography Compass. 8(12): 902–914.

2013    “Satirical Assemblages of Urbanity, Nation and Gender in Istanbul” Fe Dergi: Feminist Eleştiri/Fe Journal: Feminist Critique. 5(2).

2012    “Critical Place Studies, Middle East Histories: Power, Politics, and Social Change” History Compass. 10(10): 778–788.

2011    “The Ottoman Legacy: Urban Geographies, National Imaginaries, and Global Discourses of Tolerance” Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. 31(1): 183–195.

2011    “Constructing American Academic Knowledge of the Middle East” Connections and Ruptures: America and the Middle East. Conference Proceedings. Center for American Studies and Research, American University in Beirut. pp. 407–418.

2008    “The Place of Locality for Identity in the Nation: Minority Narratives of Cosmopolitan Istanbul” International Journal of Middle East Studies 40(3): 383–401.

2007    “Gender and Mahalle (Neighbourhood) Space in Istanbul” Gender, Place, and Culture. 14(3): 335–354.

2006    “Boundaries of the Nation in the Space of the Urban: Memory and Landscape in Istanbul” Cultural Geographies. 13(3): 367–394.

2006    “İlya’nın Bostanını Korumak: Kuzguncuk’ta Bir Mahalle ‘Landscape’i Özlemini Gerçekleştirmek” in: İstanbul’da Soylulaştırma: Eski Kentin Yeni Sakinleri. D. Behar and T. Islam, eds. Institut Français d’Etudes Anatoliennes. Istanbul: Bilgi University Publications: 87–98.

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